My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Tidbits About Me

This sign was made for me; I just personalized it a bit more.

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I carry a small note pad in the car (along with a back scratcher in my door pocket) so I can write down thoughts that occur to me for th' blog. That worked, but then Love Bunny thought an audio recorder would work better. I bought one thinking that for once in our marriage he might be right and that it would help me more than trying to write while driving. And it did...for a while.

Then the battery went out and I was too busy to replace it so put it away for a while until I remembered to replace it. Then once again, I forgot it for a little while. Sigh. I always promise myself I'll remember what I wanted to write down. I rarely, if ever, do! I now have the audio recorder working and am using it again. I hate not remembering things I want to blog about!

Since I've been posting tidbits recently from a book I've read, I thought I'd post a few tidbits about me.

I am attracted to anything pink, architectural details, vintage gates that remind me of my childhood, vibrant colors, soft colors, gorgeous sofas, beautiful chairs, chocolate, pretty papers, froufrou images, chandeliers, flowers of any kind and any, and I mean ANY eye candy . Not necessarily in that order.

I love big hair on women and big photos on blogs. I have very fluffy/big hair and my great granddaughter does too.

I went wild this past New Year's Eve by buying corn chips. Yep, I'm soooo exciting! Sigh...

I've had a lifelong dependency on suspicion. True!

I do have a soft heart and am a bit of a sentimentalist, just a tiny bit.

I once did something I'll never, ever admit to. ;-) Nope, it wasn't immoral or illegal.

I am a very uplifting person and try to leave everyone feeling that way. True!

I leave toast crumbs in the butter and am not the least bit embarrassed by it. Butter should have toast crumbs in it.

I once wrote to a very famous interior designer and she wrote me back. I was thrilled. That's not the norm. She was a gracious lady.

I get up in the morning and immediately put on my clothes for the day. I don't change until we go to bed at night. (Hubs changes at least 3 times a day.)

I am an excellent speller and rarely get a word wrong.

I can't eat spicy/hot food, no way. Someone will tell me, "It's not too spicy" and invariably it's too spicy. So I trust no one anymore. I also don't like hot food; I prefer it at room temperature.

I'll never be a politically correct person. I say Merry Christmas and we'll fly the American flag until we die.

I'm a very opinionated woman and that will never change.

I love music from the 60s, 70s and 80s and also love the Big Band songs from the 40s. Also, classical guitar is one of my favorite things to listen to. I love the cello and bass music and most classical music. I absolutely hate rap music and I use the term music loosely in describing it. My granddaughter likes french rap music however.

I made my great granddaughter a music CD with oldies on it and she loves it but her favorite song is Lollipop and sings it at her daycare for them.

Similar to my new quilted bedspread but mine has 11 ruffles on it.

More pretty bottles, one of my favorite things.

Lovely patio, just lovely!

I really like this house with the pretty tables and stone floor. No cleaning carpets!

Antlers and roses? Sure makes a cute table setting though.

Pretty homes on a street in Italy.

Yes, this is actually a cake. I can't even imagine the time and expertise, let alone the price, of such a creation.

Linens covered with roses.

Pretty hat boxes.

Lovely pearls gracing a hanger.

Beautiful pink chrysanthemums.

A kitchen we'd all love to have. Large farmhouse table with a gorgeous chandelier.

I'm not fond of mirrors but this one is gorgeous.

Pretty vintage tin boxes.

Gorgeous pink fabric. I wish I had it to make pillows.

In 1994, there were more than 420,000 accidents caused by kitchen knives, 122,000 by drinking glasses, 29,000 by refrigerators, and 7,000 by dishwashers.

Okay, now the "I" states and what each state is #1 in.

Trout Fishing
Highest suicide rate

Nuclear power production

elevator manufacturing

Percentage of residents over the age of 85
Water pollution