My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

On Order in Our Homes

For those of you who don't know or realize it, I have a Pinterest page with over 10,400 images. All "eye candy" you would love to see. I post often there. Go visit it. I don't really like tooting my own horn but I will here: In just 6 short months, there are over 6,600 followers there so you know the images are beautiful. Your choice. But if I were you, I wouldn't miss them. ;-)

As Alexandra Stoddard says: Everything in our surroundings speaks for us, and if we accept living with a vulgar design we must pay for it. Caring about aesthetics increases your sensitivity. The more we care about the small details, the more in tune to beauty we become, and the more we realize how seemingly insignificant items affect us. You discover that by taking care of every inch of your surroundings you let your eyes wander and not be caught short. We're free to open up to all there is in our surroundings. I get enormous pleasure and comfort from orderly, harmonious, attractive surroundings, and I feel unhappy and disturbed when things are out of place, out of scale or in bad taste. Let your eye be the judge. Train yourself to see things with caring perception. [This is me in a nutshell as I'm obsessive and compulsive about order.]

I've been buying sparkly lemonade in pretty bottles simply to have the bottles and the stoppers that come with them. I love pretty bottles to put in fizzy lemonade to drink out of stemmed glasses. We drink out of our stemware/crystal glasses a lot. It gives me a feeling of elegance that I love, plus hubby is the first one to grab the glasses so I know he likes the romantic, elegant feeling also. Men do have that side of them, ya know. ;-)

She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten.

Just a yummy room for a photo shoot but I'd have to paint those walls for sure!

Huge lovely old home .

Lots of plant elements here. Maybe it's a store but I sure do like the wall hangers and tables.

A dreamy bedroom that is very close to my own.

Wouldn't you just love this on your front porch?!

Bouquets of gorgeous pink roses and tulips.

There are times when I love the quaintness of old kitchens and this is one I definitely like.


Beautiful brick-paved walkway and a bench among garden flowers.

This looks like such a fun room!

Pretty cobbled street in a foreign country. Love how their hydrangeas are growing on the street.

I can't resist pretty table settings with lace and flowers.

A crafter's room? Lovely.

A store with a gorgeous headboard for sale.

This woman is definitely bold with her home. Lovin' the blue stripes and the candy colors of the room.


The world's windiest place is Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica. Winds regularly exceed 150 miles per hour.