My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Just Some Pretty Rooms

In a recent post I mentioned uploading my photos to a website for you to view so you didn't have to wait to see the more than 14,000 I already have on Photobucket. It would take me a long, long time to show them all to you within the boundaries of my blog and to start another blog with just photos isn't conducive to what I wanted to do. So with this post today, I'm telling you that I'm putting them on Pinterest. I have almost 2,000 of them on there at the moment. I truly didn't want to have anything to do with Pinterest, and there may come a point when I'll delete it if the situation with issues on copyright changes, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. That would be no problem at all for me. I do this for no other reason except to share beautiful photos with others. Again, I don't post anything political or religious on anything. My views are my own. So, if you'd care to view them, look to my sidebar and you'll see my Pinterest identity there starting sometime this morning. I hope you'll enjoy it and become a follower or whatever they call it.

Here's another favorite room of mine. I love everything about this room.

Same here. I love the reds and yellows together and the luxuriousness of the sofa and chairs.

Remember when country was really in? I do because I tried that decorating theme. It didn't last very long for me though. I found something I liked better.

Elegant chairs in an entry way. I even tried the pictures under tables decor. Actually, I still do that.

I adored this room when I saw it in the magazine. Pink? Why yes, I believe I love it! And this was the mid 1980s.

It would be wonderful to have this little dining deck. I wouldn't care about being on the water, just the deck would suit me.

Another "country" room from the 80s. French country at that.

I never could pass up a red sofa or chairs but in this sun room they look extra magnificent.

Pretty rose clock.

While I love white, I need color too. Maybe this is Photoshopped to be all white.

I had a bed like this when I was young. I'd love to have that bed now.

A cute small kitchen with a lot of pizzazz.

This would be nice if we had a pool like we did at our other house. We could rinse off before coming in. Actually, I'd love to have one just for fun.

I've been decorating more perfume bottles as I've emptied them. These aren't it but I'll show them when I'm done.

And extra teacups can hang from a wrought iron rack I bought when we visited Pennsylvania many years ago. Clever idea.