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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some Things About Me....Aren't you just thrilled????

Just a little update for anyone interested. Go to La Maison Rose and check out a table cover I'm selling if you are interested.

The title of this post is a joke, ya know! I'm so not interesting to the rest of the world.......well, maybe not, my kids and grandkids find me very interesting, but there are hundreds of millions of people more interesting than me. I'm just a retired ol' wife, mother, grandmother and well-paid woman from the working world.

But since the following have deemed me as worthy of awards, I'll do my best to peak your interest.

This award is from Jan who comments on most blogs I go to visit. She sure is a sweetie and has a sweetie as her hubby also.
I'm to list 7 blogger who make my day. I can't just name 7! There are 125+ blogs I list on my blog roll and that I follow and I love visiting every single one. So if you are reading this, grab the logo and put it on your blog!!! I give you permission!! Just DO IT!!! I haven't found any blogs so far that I don't find interesting. They ALL are.

I've received this award several times and appreciate each and every single time. But this one comes from Lynne Laura and she is another blog I visit. Another sweetie also. Go visit her if you haven't.
The same applies here. Grab the logo and post it because I love you ALL!!

The next "award" has no logo but is from Christie at Somewhereintime and this is going to reveal a lot about me. What??? You say you know about me already??? Au contraire, mes amis!!! Wait till you read this....... LOL

First one is this:

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die..........
1. Lift up as many people as I can. That's my goal in life.
2. Visit my kids and grandkids at least once a year. Traveling from Idaho to California gets a bit tougher but that's just gonna happen no matter what.
3. Eat out as many times as I can!! Yes, I'm starting to hate to cook anything anymore so if I can eat out I'm DOING it! As a friend, Sharon, says: The only reason I have a kitchen is it came with the house. Also, it's just another room I can frou-frou up and decorate.
4. Can you guesssssssss?!?!?! Yesssssss, I will learn to paint a decent rose and try to sell one of my paintings.
5. Hopefully, serve a mission for my church near our home so as to serve others. I'm not good at this but I'm gonna try it.
6. Try not to be toooooo grumpy with Love Bunny when he wants to camp. He loves this and loves to be out in the wilds with me. Why?!??!? I'll never know!!!!! But he loves me so much and treats me like a queen that this is a miniscule thing to do for that man.
7. Try to live my life so that people can see Christ in my countenance and know the Lord. I truly want to be so Christ-like that He'll know me. I have a looooooong way to go, trust me!

I've lived a very charmed and blessed life. I couldn't have asked for anything more than to have the absolute Love of My Life with me all these years. No, it hasn't always been easy and there have been bumps in the road but we've persevered and made it this far. I believe marriage was ordained of God. And if a man asks you for your body before marriage then he doesn't love you enough! Those are my feelings. Love, charity towards each other, serving each other, commitment and perseverance are the keys to a happy marriage. I'm hoping all of you are as blessed as me. It's such a joy to be married to this man.

Seven Things I CAN DO:
1. I'm a great cook.
2. I am great listener.
3. I can make a "mean" pillow.
4. I can get around in a store parking lot better than most anyone I know. And yes, I'm very safe!!
5. I can play monopoly and still keep a smile on my face with my grandson! Our limit is one hour though.
6. I'm a whiz on Mac computers and absolutely love being on my computers.
7. I am the best house painter you've ever ever seen. I love to paint walls and trims and am extremely good at it, sometimes using tiny tiny brushes on the trim. However, I can't do it too much anymore due to aging! I'll have to hire it done next time. I'm also one great stenciller!! Yep, I truly am!

Next is Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1. I cannot drive on mountain roads. I hate heights and freak out when I have to do this.
2. I cannot grow plants. They DIE for me. So I leave that to hubs.
3. I cannot dive off a swimming board. Heights......refer to #1 above.
4. I cannot pass up a bargain! I've been known to buy so much hamburger that it has taken us 5 years to eat it. This is true!
5. Fly! Hate it and told hubs when we retired that it just ain't happenin' anymore. Refuse to do it. Scares me to heck....
6. I cannot bake bread. True. I cannot knead it properly and then it doesn't rise properly. This is even with a bread maker! It comes out of the bread maker about 3" high. I eat it because it tastes good but I'd only get about 2 sandwiches out of it.
7. I cannot do MANY things. So many I can't list them all here.

Seven Things That Attract Me To My Mister:
1. He's sexy and wanted kids!
2. He was cute. ;-)
3. He's a good kisser.
4. He does just about anything I wanted to do and still does.
5. He fed me......took me out to eat.......this is important, ya know!
6. He has the best legs of any man I've seen.
7. He has a dry sense of humor and that's important to live with me and he can fix just about anything.

Seven Celebrity Admirations:
Since we don't watch television at all or go to movies that's a tough one for me. My top pick and hero is Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior of all mankind.

Seven Favorite Foods:
1. Fish
2. Pasta and especially fettucine alfredo
3. My homemade macaroni and cheese made with extra sharp cheese.
4. Oriental chicken salad at Applebees
5. Mum's chopped steak at Outback.
6. Coconut Shrimp
7. Mocha fudge ice cream

Okay, if you are reading this, consider yourself tagged! Just copy it and post it on your blog. I couldn't possibly decide who to tag so I wanna see this on anyone who is brave enough to tell me these things about themselves.