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Friday, March 15, 2013

Rambling Again Today

I didn't have much to talk about today so I'll just ramble with some things that I've noted recently.

At Sundance this year some talent agency executives were "treated" to bawdy shows. Most of them were stymied and disgusted with what had been planned for their "entertainment." The acts were so lewd I can't print them here as I don't use those types of words in my daily activities, but let me just say they were lewd and disgusting. Probably some of those men and women brought their kids there for fun, vacation and skiing. Now, these acts were there for all to see. Again, I have to ask: what is our world coming to? That's despicable and low-life in my opinion. Is that the way the world has drifted—so far from morality to degeneracy? I fear for the young people being born and brought up today. Our church leaders have told us civilization is now worse than in the biblical day of old. I hesitate to mention the times because that might draw the p*rv*ts here and I won't do that. Don't tell me the times are changing; good morals don't change. Sickening in my opinion!

Then I read in the news where the Japanese Minister said to just let old people die as they're taking up room and food from other people. I simply find some statements hard to believe; this is one of them. Hubs said we should just let him, the Japanese Minister, die in a few years then. Disgusting. People are put on this earth for a purpose. Let's let God decide when their time is up, not the government.

Then there is a comic book character that some are saying might be gay. It's a comic book character!!!! What in the world are they talking about? Just stymies me. I am not homophobic; I'm a logical down-to-earth woman. It's a comic book character, people!

 I had a blogger tell me that Europeans know more than one language. Well, some Americans do, too. I'm familiar with several languages as I took them in high school and college; but I don't speak them well enough to converse a great deal. But if you know one foreign language you can read some books and understand them. Some words are easily recognized in other languages. My heritage is Dutch, German, Mexican, French but I am an American through and through. English is from Germanic languages and not the Latin or Romantic languages. But all languages are similar in writing except the Greek or Cyrillic alphabets.

Something extraordinary is happening to me. I've light ash-brown hair all of my adult life. Oh, I've bleached it a couple of times, mainly in my twenties but I stopped after a few years. I loved the look of gray hair or a champagne beige, still do. I started getting a few gray hairs just above my forehead in my middle sixties on my right side. (If you look at my sidebar you'll see me in various hair shades through the years. The one of me in 1984 with the apple on my cheek (done by one of the men in my tech forums) looks dark but that's because it's a passport photo. It wasn't really that dark but still a light ash-brown.

Well, lately, my gray hair is coming in at its natural color! I absolutely love gray hair and wanted it all to go gray but it never has, just that small section on my right side. Even hubs thinks the gray is going. My friend has the most gorgeous gray hair and she's 15 years younger than me. I've always admired her hair. But has anyone heard of gray hair reversing itself? It has stymied me.

If hubs had this, I might enjoy camping. But then again, nah, I'd still have to go to the woods.

Or even this! Love the ruffles and decor.

A round table in a camper? I've never seen that before.

This looks like a party place. How sweet.

All dressed up in pink.

Red and bright pink with polka dots.

Now this is elegance with a footstool and 2 "couches" to relax on.

This one looks pretty dang big!

I dearly love red and white checks mixed with a toile like this room. Any kid or teenager would love it.

Pretty little vintage tins and pot.

Another homeowner with an overhead pot holder. I like what she's done with it though better than mine. I may have to redecorate it soon.

Just real eye candy for ya.


This looks so Christmas-y I had to show you its cuteness.

Our Albertsons pharmacy looks nothing like this cute one in France.

Switzerland's sick are hospitalized longer than any other country's: 9+ days on average.