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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Vintage Desk - Step 2

My daughter gave me these paper lanterns a couple of years ago. (We exchange things a lot, but it's to her advantage because whatever I "borrow" from her, she'll inherit! AND in much better frou-frou condition! She's a girly-girl also. *Wink*!) But I cannot figure out where in this room to put them. Only a 60 watt bulb can be used so they don't throw off a lot of light but it is soft and pretty anyway. What do you think? Should I put them on either side of one of the desks or one over one desk and one over the other? Desks are across the room from one another.~*~

My little cherubs, I blog and post these - and all- pictures to help you get ideas for your homes. (I believe the way the world situation is going that we'll be spending more time in our homes and trying to make them a refuge for us.) I show so many photos so that you can see the process by which you can create something from a ratty vintage school desk. So bear with me while I tell the story below. *Sigh*........................

I decided I want to cover the drawers on the vintage school desk instead of painting them. The sides, legs and back of the desk will be painted white but I wanted to give a bit of pizzazz to it. So I am covering it with some roses fabric remnants I have left. I have a ROOM full of rose fabrics!!! I need to start using some of the scraps. Love Bunny has spoken. ;-) Well, he's "suggested" I do something with what's in there.

A couple of friends have suggested using fabric softener to adhere the fabric to the item being covered and I'm trying it. I use the Suavitel and it is the best smelling stuff I've ever had. My laundry room smells like it and everyone traipsing through that room always comments on how good my house smells. Hahhhhhh.......they should have been in here the other night when hubs burnt our popcorn!! Maaaaaan, I tell you, I burned Glade Angel Whispers candles the whole day after and it still smelled like burnt popcorn!! Will he hear the end of this one???? We'll see how long it takes the smell to dissipate before I make a decision on that one!

First drawer to get covered. I just dipped the fabric in the softener and stuck it to the drawer and let it dry.

The original stickers on the pull-out board the teacher put there are still on it. I'm leaving them on. They say: hot lunch, milk, cold or absent. I don't have the heart to take them off........

I kept waiting for the fabric to dry and hit me!! It wasn't fabric softener she recommended; it was liquid starch! DUH moment......totally embarrassed. I didn't have any. Okay, I now have the best smelling drawers in the state of Idaho. Can ya smell me over there in Oregon?!?! Hmmmm??? Maybe Montana or Wyoming??? Yep, sure smells wonderful here now.

Ya still with me?!?!? So hubs and I went to Red Robin for dinner and then tried to fit a bit of shopping in for liquid starch. It was cold and we had to go to 2 stores to find it. So then I come home and put the starch on and this morning it isn't adhering quite as well as I'd hope for so I used just the tiniest bit of Mod Podge to hold it on. I figure if I don't put on much I can just peel the fabric off if I ever want to change it again. I'm sure hoping this works.

This bottom drawer is just one deep drawer although it has 2 handles and looks like two. So I got a bit creative.

Would you look at the way they used to keep the drawer from falling out! I've never seen anything like it and I'm from that generation. I guess I wasn't too much into looking at the back of drawers at that point in my life. ;-)

This is the pencil drawer and I'm telling you that is a lethal weapon on the back of it! If I ever need to confront a burglar I'll just tell him to hold on a minute while I pull my drawer out! I figure at that point he'll run from the house screaming for fear of my lunacy.

So here it is so far.

So my creativity extended to putting a bit of trim over that little "divide" on the deep drawer and then putting a paper rose on it with the ol' glue gun.

Close up of the rose with a bit of added "fluff" - a bit of netting!

Now, I'm not looking for compliments. I'm simply trying to show you how something utilitarian can still be functional when we add to its beauty. I get to live with it (it's mine.......squeeeeeeeeal!!), but anyone can do this no matter what style you have in your home. Just take what I've done and translate it into your OWN style or decor. Country? Use some of your fabric around your home or paint the drawers a different color than the rest of the desk or do a "plaid or faux" paint technique. Use your imagination. Let it run wild with the anticipation of what you're capable of doing! This can apply to modern or traditional or whatever.

Okay, my little cherubs, gotta go paint those handles "Pink"!!
:-) <--------- That's me grinning from ear to ear!!! LOL

Okay, I went out and finished the handles and decided to just update everything for this one post. I LOVE the handles with it! I tramped out to Home Depot and tried to find some I liked better but nope, none I like better than the original ones sprayed pink. So now all I have to do it paint the rest.

:-)<------------still grinning, my sweet chicks!!! LOL