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Friday, May 28, 2010

The Eyelash Caper

I have saved you chicks scads of money, do you realize that? I look so pathetic in some of these photos I'm almost ashamed to post them, but I'm shameless and this is a teaching moment from a GREAT GRANDMA(!) so here we go. Yes, Miss "A" arrived 5/27 at 5:15 am Pacific time. Of course pictures will follow you know!

Now, remember the mother's day present from my son and daughter-in-law—the false eyelash extensions done in California.

And then they start to come off and I looked like this. See pink arrow and also the inside of that same eye had lost some.

So I got home and tried to find someone here in Boise to do them. These are each individual eyelash extensions that get put on each lash. This procedure took about 2 hours. They do NOT look as good or lush as the ones that were in a clump and glued on to eyelashes and took less than 1/2 hour. Those looked fabulous, but can't find anyone who does them here like that. I prefer my normal lashes with mascara on them to this irregular look.

See what I mean? And you cannot curl them with an eyelash curler because it will stick and pull them off. I don't like these at all. Plus the glue used in both applications is a bit irritating. Tiny bits of it were always flaking off into the eyes. It didn't hurt, but it was irritating to me most of the time the extensions were on.

Not nearly as lush or pretty. Now, these were all black, just like the "clump" ones.

And while I'm showing you up close and very personal parts of my face, take a look at this lip gloss. I purchased it at WM. It's called NYC and is really thick and moisturing and it only costs $1.72!! I'm going back and buying every single tube of it they have. This shade is called cappucino.

Please bear in mind that I had to Photoshop a few of these because the camera was not kind. I did minimal Photoshopping though. Do NOT let those ads in magazines fool you; every single photograph is Photoshopped. Every single one!!!

So $30 for the "clump" extensions; $85 for the individual extensions, but another place in Boise wanted $200 and I was NOT willing to pay that much for something that didn't last. Make up your own mind but all-in-all, not worth the effort when my own are just fine when I put mascara on them and curl them. ;-)