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Friday, May 3, 2013


I've been wanting to do a white post for a long time. Oh, there will be a bit of color among the white but not much; it'll be mostly white. So let's get on with it.

A dresser, lamp and shade, frame, curtains and walls all white except for a painting of a rose on a white frame.

White walls, shelves, bowls with a bit of flowers and the door.

Lamp and shade, measuring cup, walls, table and frame on table.

Mostly white with sofa, stairs, lamp and table, pillows, bookcase, walls, dining room table and chairs and white wallpaper with flowers on it.

White walls, sofa, table, chair, pot on table, a bit of color in curtains and pillow.

White walls, rug, sofa, hanging lamp, heater behind sofa, table on far wall.

White kitchen except for the stove, mixer and a plate of watermelon.

White walls, doors, table, chairs, plates.

White walls, glasses and paper in glass, candle holder, round white candles, white picture.

White walls, windows, doors, table and chairs, cover on sofa,

White walls, chair, chest of drawers, rug, bed.

White walls, floor white and beige check, cabinet, doors, sink, table and chairs,

White chairs, basket, cover on table, white pot on table.

White everywhere in this living room with just a touch of red in the pillows on the sofa and red flowers in the pot on the coffee table and chandelier and lace curtains.

White sofa, chairs, ottoman, walls, doors, curtains, armoir, floors painted white


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