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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some Beautiful Things I Received Lately That Make My Heart Sing!

Recently I helped a fellow blogger with her computer and an application that was giving her fits on her website. I made a few suggestions and she was thrilled. I was more than happy to help her as I do frequently with a lot of people because I'm somewhat computer savvy - somewhat(!). Anyway, for my help she sent the following items to me and I was astounded. I never do anything with the thought that I'll be rewarded and I am astounded at the things I've gotten for helping others.

These have got to be photos of her gorgeous garden.

The following are postcards she's had done from her paintings. fortunate am I to have received them! I spent last night painting some small humble frames to put these into and will hang them on a wall in my shabby chic family room with gratitude and honor. Thank you so very much, Jo-Anne. I've loved admiring her painting from afar for a couple of years now. They are beautiful and I only wish I could paint like that.

Plus a little tag and a sweet bookmark as I absolutely love reading and spend a part of each day with my nose in a book. Reading gets me out of this world for a snippet of time each day and I sooooo need that.

So like a wall I dedicated to Susan Rios when I repainted the house pink, I'm dedicating this wall beside the window in my family room to Jo-Anne. I framed the postcards and fun-tac'd the rest of the little cards she sent me. It looks kind of bare in this photo but it looks very pretty when seen in its entirety with the rest of the room. Isn't that always the case though? ;-)

Since I had 2 extra cards that were the same I tacked them to my laundry room wall under the shelf after I added some vintage handkerchiefs to the little shelf. I also tied a vintage hankie around an old clay pot (too lazy to paint it today) with some faux greenery (my favorite because I can't kill it!) and put that up there also.