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Friday, October 10, 2008

The Pink Rooster and The Pink Room!

Happy Friday, my little chicks!!

Painter finished and I started putting stuff away. Here's the room as I've started to hang things back on the walls and moved what I could back into place. Hubs will have to help me later. Don't ya just love that pink?!?! My office looks like a cupcake now. LOL


Some of you may remember my trip to California in July to visit kids and my "junket to the junque stores"! Well, if so, you might remember this post about the antique store and this little french rooster shelf. It was always meant to be painted so I did it while the painter painted my office/computer room. I'm hanging the "Pink Rooster" in there to hold whatever, but I think he needs to be in that room, don't you?!?!


I'm so excited about the pink room and these roses I could just squeeeeealll!!! Hah. But look at these perfect roses from today. Are they not gorgeous?!?!?!

Guess what???? They're not real! Yesssss, true!!! I found these roses while shopping the other day, and they are so real looking and feel so real that I could absolutely fool anyone with them. If I put a drop or two of rose scented oil in the center no one could tell they weren't an actual rose. You've got to click to enlarge them to see them up close!

Well, off to "fluff" up the office some more. Ooooooh, I have some roses to stick on the wall up around the ceiling as soon as they arrive. THIS is a girly room!