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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Silk Ribbon Embroidery for Pink Saturday 3/28/09

Just a reminder to one and all that a tutorial on making those pretty ribbon bow clip-ons is now available on the right hand sidebar here. Just find the sassy red pair of shoes with the pink ruffle bow, click on it and it will take you to the tutorial. I want to see your handiwork though, gals! ------------------>

Here is another pair I made recently. I've attached them to my black shoes, they could be attached to white or red just as easily. Does that mean I need to go find a pair of white ones now?!?! Ooooh, hold me back, chicks! But thought I'd show you how you can do this.


Also want to let you know that in another day or so I've got a tour of a friend's log home that she's made shabby chic romantic. You'll love it! I promise you it's gorgeous!!

I've done silk ribbon embroidery for years and just love it. I thought I'd show you some of the photos of a book I have on it. Isn't it lovely?! I've done most of the flowers and leaves in this book. What creations you can do simply with ribbons. Fantastic.

Purse made entirely of ribbons. You can make tablecloths this way also.

A beret with the most exquisite roses I've ever seen.

And another hat with silk roses and leaves. This is really and truly very simple to do.

A bridal bouquet that will last forever with white silk roses.

You can even make a very easy swag to decorate a chair.

An everlasting tiara made of white roses that will last forever for the bride.

Even African violets that will never die.

You can even embroider a ribbon for a special decoration on a pillow or scarf. Very easy!

Another purse or lingerie bag up close.

The actual lingerie or jewelry bag. Stunning!