My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I've Got "THE" Bug Again! Yep, Say It Ain't So........

I was just not happy with the way the office/computer room looked so I had Love Bunny switch the furniture around again. Let me tell you: that desk weighs a ton, trust me! I can't even lift an end! It's that heavy. So the next few pictures show my work in progress. This will take a while because I need to remove things from the wall, rearrange furniture and shelves.

This is what I used to look at. I'm now 180° and looking at the wall. Does that mean I need a new message board?!?!? Yessssssss, I think sooooo!!!

Everything thrown onto the floor.

Gettin' better, chicks! I had to dust!!! Can you believe that???? I hate dusting! But I had to before I put the stuff back on the top of the desk. Dust bunnies were having a fiesta under there! Viva la bamba!!

This is such a disaster right now. My photo shoot area in the corner will be done away with and I'll try to figure out how to incorporate a "painting" area in this room. That's one of the reasons I'm doing this. Since we moved from the huge house into this "retired people" house of about 1/3 the size, I have had to paint on the kitchen table. I'm TIRED of putting it up when I want to paint and taking it down for meals! Aaaaccckkk.......... (through with the nervous breakdown). So it'll be different by the time I'm through with it. Maybe some wallies around the room instead of the ivy border. I wonder if hubs would go ahead and paint this room pink??? Maybe I'd better ask him that after a "night of wild abandon"!! ;-)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Rose Wedding Cake

I thought I'd give faux pastries a try. Threw in a couple of roses and voilĂ , my 2nd attempt! You really don't want to see the 1st attempt! LOL

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some Things About Me....Aren't you just thrilled????

Just a little update for anyone interested. Go to La Maison Rose and check out a table cover I'm selling if you are interested.

The title of this post is a joke, ya know! I'm so not interesting to the rest of the world.......well, maybe not, my kids and grandkids find me very interesting, but there are hundreds of millions of people more interesting than me. I'm just a retired ol' wife, mother, grandmother and well-paid woman from the working world.

But since the following have deemed me as worthy of awards, I'll do my best to peak your interest.

This award is from Jan who comments on most blogs I go to visit. She sure is a sweetie and has a sweetie as her hubby also.
I'm to list 7 blogger who make my day. I can't just name 7! There are 125+ blogs I list on my blog roll and that I follow and I love visiting every single one. So if you are reading this, grab the logo and put it on your blog!!! I give you permission!! Just DO IT!!! I haven't found any blogs so far that I don't find interesting. They ALL are.

I've received this award several times and appreciate each and every single time. But this one comes from Lynne Laura and she is another blog I visit. Another sweetie also. Go visit her if you haven't.
The same applies here. Grab the logo and post it because I love you ALL!!

The next "award" has no logo but is from Christie at Somewhereintime and this is going to reveal a lot about me. What??? You say you know about me already??? Au contraire, mes amis!!! Wait till you read this....... LOL

First one is this:

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die..........
1. Lift up as many people as I can. That's my goal in life.
2. Visit my kids and grandkids at least once a year. Traveling from Idaho to California gets a bit tougher but that's just gonna happen no matter what.
3. Eat out as many times as I can!! Yes, I'm starting to hate to cook anything anymore so if I can eat out I'm DOING it! As a friend, Sharon, says: The only reason I have a kitchen is it came with the house. Also, it's just another room I can frou-frou up and decorate.
4. Can you guesssssssss?!?!?! Yesssssss, I will learn to paint a decent rose and try to sell one of my paintings.
5. Hopefully, serve a mission for my church near our home so as to serve others. I'm not good at this but I'm gonna try it.
6. Try not to be toooooo grumpy with Love Bunny when he wants to camp. He loves this and loves to be out in the wilds with me. Why?!??!? I'll never know!!!!! But he loves me so much and treats me like a queen that this is a miniscule thing to do for that man.
7. Try to live my life so that people can see Christ in my countenance and know the Lord. I truly want to be so Christ-like that He'll know me. I have a looooooong way to go, trust me!

I've lived a very charmed and blessed life. I couldn't have asked for anything more than to have the absolute Love of My Life with me all these years. No, it hasn't always been easy and there have been bumps in the road but we've persevered and made it this far. I believe marriage was ordained of God. And if a man asks you for your body before marriage then he doesn't love you enough! Those are my feelings. Love, charity towards each other, serving each other, commitment and perseverance are the keys to a happy marriage. I'm hoping all of you are as blessed as me. It's such a joy to be married to this man.

Seven Things I CAN DO:
1. I'm a great cook.
2. I am great listener.
3. I can make a "mean" pillow.
4. I can get around in a store parking lot better than most anyone I know. And yes, I'm very safe!!
5. I can play monopoly and still keep a smile on my face with my grandson! Our limit is one hour though.
6. I'm a whiz on Mac computers and absolutely love being on my computers.
7. I am the best house painter you've ever ever seen. I love to paint walls and trims and am extremely good at it, sometimes using tiny tiny brushes on the trim. However, I can't do it too much anymore due to aging! I'll have to hire it done next time. I'm also one great stenciller!! Yep, I truly am!

Next is Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1. I cannot drive on mountain roads. I hate heights and freak out when I have to do this.
2. I cannot grow plants. They DIE for me. So I leave that to hubs.
3. I cannot dive off a swimming board. Heights......refer to #1 above.
4. I cannot pass up a bargain! I've been known to buy so much hamburger that it has taken us 5 years to eat it. This is true!
5. Fly! Hate it and told hubs when we retired that it just ain't happenin' anymore. Refuse to do it. Scares me to heck....
6. I cannot bake bread. True. I cannot knead it properly and then it doesn't rise properly. This is even with a bread maker! It comes out of the bread maker about 3" high. I eat it because it tastes good but I'd only get about 2 sandwiches out of it.
7. I cannot do MANY things. So many I can't list them all here.

Seven Things That Attract Me To My Mister:
1. He's sexy and wanted kids!
2. He was cute. ;-)
3. He's a good kisser.
4. He does just about anything I wanted to do and still does.
5. He fed me......took me out to eat.......this is important, ya know!
6. He has the best legs of any man I've seen.
7. He has a dry sense of humor and that's important to live with me and he can fix just about anything.

Seven Celebrity Admirations:
Since we don't watch television at all or go to movies that's a tough one for me. My top pick and hero is Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior of all mankind.

Seven Favorite Foods:
1. Fish
2. Pasta and especially fettucine alfredo
3. My homemade macaroni and cheese made with extra sharp cheese.
4. Oriental chicken salad at Applebees
5. Mum's chopped steak at Outback.
6. Coconut Shrimp
7. Mocha fudge ice cream

Okay, if you are reading this, consider yourself tagged! Just copy it and post it on your blog. I couldn't possibly decide who to tag so I wanna see this on anyone who is brave enough to tell me these things about themselves.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pink Saturday 9/27/08 Fabric Stashes

Just more of my stash that will be put away I think. Maybe some I'll keep out for little projects. This is a fraction of what is in that room! Almost all of them have roses of some sort on them. If you see anything you might like, let me know and I'll see how much of that fabric there is and we can "deal"!! LOL I truly need to "de-stash"!!!!


Plus I've started on my first rose canvas painting. This is NOT easy for me! I'm scared to death but I shall persevere, chicks. ;-) These are the first shots of it. I prepped it with a wash of yellow, then pink, then blue. It is a pretty background. This is my first "layer" of the roses. If this is boring for you, then please just click off. I don't mean to bore but definitely want to share the experience and encourage others to pursue their dreams.


And to share another little secret with you.

Remember the blog post that I shared a few photography tips I'd gotten from a friend? Well, the tissue one is really cheap and definitely works. Here are the results......BUT what I do is use one tissue and tear little strips and.........okay, this is gross, BUT I lick the side of the strip of tissue and just kind of "tape" it right over the teeny flash part with spit! Yep, it sticks right on there for the few minutes it takes to snap the picture and then I can throw it away right after the shoot. Works great, easy, cheap - as I use the same tissue over many times - and then just throw away the tissue scrap! I'm so proud of myself for doing that one, gals!!! LOL

Okay, since I schedule these ahead a couple of days I've decided to go ahead and post my finished first roses painting. Do you have any idea how much courage it takes to not only do this, but to subject it to the whole blogging world to see?!?!?! MUCH courage, my sweet chickadees, MUCH courage!

This one is after another "layer" of paint.

This is after a couple of more strokes of pinker paint and putting in some "stems" for the leaves.
Okay, fini!! Now on to the next painting. I'm not sure what I'll do this time. Maybe some more roses after a bit more practice. This is TRULY NOT easy. It is very, very difficult to paint a rose. You've GOT to trust me on this one!

May I please have a round of applause for my fortitude, gutsiness and endurance?!?! LOL.....Enjoy, chicks!

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Last Roses of Summer

I went out a few days ago to get photos of the last of the blooms in my rose garden. Here they are.

My little "buds"! They may yet bloom. Still a bit warm during the days.

This is my hydrangea singing its last song of 2008. The 2 shots are of different clumps of flowers on the same hydrangea bush. Now, how in the world can that happen?? Beautiful though.......

This was came out a bit blurry but I loved the look anyway. See, even I can't get it right every single time. LOL

Little sad pink rose. It's still struggling through its existence but getting a bit "faded" around the edges........kinda like ME..... ;-)

Another beauty struggling with its end of life cycle..........definitely like me! :-)

This one is a lovely pink salmon color. It's at its peak when taken the other day.

A huge bud of a pink/yellow rose. I'll try to remember to get another shot after it opens fully.

Next 2 shots of a very pale pink/white rose out there. One is a closer shot but this is lovely when at its peak during the summer. I can't remember the name but it a multi-petaled rose. Just gorgeous!

This one is my favorite in the garden. I love this color and the fullness of the bloom and its "ruffley" appearance.

Another rose getting ready for autumn.

Close up of it loosing its petals. Makes me a bit sad. I could see some little bugs nibbling on some of them. The dew is still visible on some of the above roses also. I should have waited until about noon to take the pictures but I took them early in the morning when the sun was in the east. But aren't they simply beautiful??? I love my rose garden. Love Bunny is taking me over to Greenhurst nursery saturday to get me a gardenia plant. I love the smell. BUT I promise to let hubs take care of it. Otherwise, it'll die as I only have a PINK thumb and not a GREEN one in any way at all. ;-)

And last but not least are the latest practice painting roses - one a closer look than the other. My group chicks have told me to bite the proverbial bullet and start on a canvas with these roses. I'm scared!!! Yes, I'm truly scared to put that first drop of paint for a rose on my canvas. I'm stalling but I'll do it within the next 2 days. Pray for me!!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Vintage Millinery Rose

There's a blogger called "polkadotrose" and everytime I see the name it reminds me of this rose I made several years ago - probably 5 or 6 now. I love the rose and would wear it but it's glued onto a heart shaped box I made and don't have any more of that ribbon. But isn't it pretty? Well, I think so. ;-)
Then I have this true candy apple red vintage millinery flower that I've had for many years and can't decide what to do with it. Any suggestions? I don't think I'd get very much selling it.

And last, but not least, my practice roses from yesterday. I see some progress! I'm at least to the point of "liking" them now. LOL. I'm almost to the point of trying some on a very small canvas. Leaves and squiggles are much easier, chicks!! ;-)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Roses and a New Bed

I went to Boise today to buy a new bed. Our last bed was purchased from Sears in Feb. 1989........does that tell you something?!?! Hmmmmmmm???? It was time! Now, hubs doesn't have a problem with the bed OR with falling asleep. His head hits the pillow and within 1 minute he's asleep. I lie there thinking up ways to wake him UP!!! LOL. Married for 47+ years and it's been that way from day one. Sooooo he saw no reason to purchase a new one. My back has been killing me. He says to get up off this computer and away from practicing my roses and that will help. Killjoy!!! Anyway, we know who won this battle, right?! New bed arrives next week on thursday. ;-) It's a foam bed like our other one. I love foam because it doesn't bounce like springs and is just so comfy that I said I'd never buy anything BUT a foam/latex bed ever again after this one. Just soooo wonderful!

Okay, here are pix of roses I've done today. Now, I really have to say that they look much better in person. I'm doing them on newsprint because it's so cheap, though an ugly color, but it serves its purpose - cheap for lots of it. ;-) I am practicing with different brushes: angles, filberts, rounds, script liners, flats, large, small, smaller. Just point me in the direction of the brush aisle in Michaels and I'll pick another brush! So here's the last day of what I've done. I'll probably practice more tonight. Some are better than others; some are WORSE than others, but it truly helps me to get used to the brushes and the paints. Yep, different paints are better than others. I'm finding that out also. Cheap paint IS cheap PAINT. You'll also notice I'm practicing leaves and some squiggles also. I think I've got something good going in the last 2 pictures, chicks! But every single brush stroke has taught me something and I'm grateful for my friends who paint that have told me that. They know who they are!!

Ooooh, and please don't laugh too hard!! It ain't easy trying to be another Grandma Moses, ya know......... Hah.........

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lazy Today!

I have these tiny little ballerinas that I've been going to do something with for a long time and just haven't. The main reason is that I want to redo my craft/sewing room and hate to go in there really because it is so crowded. This dilemma will be solved in the next few months when there is no outside work for hubs to do and it's cool enough for him to go up into the overhead "attic" over our garages. I'm going to pack up some fabric and send it up there since I'm not sewing to sell on ebay anymore and that will give me a lot more room for crafting.

Off to practice rose painting or may just go look at the new mattress we've going to be buying. Just lazy today so not posting much. I was going to speak to an issue but decided not to..........yet. Maybe I will and maybe I won't. We'll see soon.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Being Happy is the Goal

Pretty pink and red roses fabric gives me joy.

Another post from over a year ago. I'm being lazy this week!!

I thought of something today. Being happy and peaceful, especially at home but also in any place where you spend a lot of time, is the goal: stimulating the senses is one way to start. Learn to "tease" yourself into doing necessary and useful tasks by stimulating your senses. Think of the fountain pen squeaking across fine white paper. Smell the fragrance of the ink. Feel the smooth pen in your hand. Have a light bulb ring with the glorious scent of plumeria; you'll think you are in Hawaii. These oils can be bought for very little in many natural food stores or on line or ebay. Put a lovely small french style lamp on your writing table. Have a lovely little antique footstool under your desk for you feet. Set up the task so it will be pleasurable for you.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Pleasures of Comfort

Another post from long ago that I thought I'd share again.

While we all want our rooms to look nice (I know I DO), we often neglect the obvious: comfort. If a room doesn't have comfortable seating the room won't feel right. I see a lot of rooms that have stiff formal chairs that in no way would be pleasant to sit on. I've been in homes where the sofa requires an extra hand to get an elderly person up from the sofa. That is too low. Or the sofa that is so soft/cushy we sink into it so much that we feel lost in it. How about the dining room chair that is so hard on our bottoms or back that we can't wait to get out of it?! I've had that happen. A couple of times my back has ached for a couple of days after eating at friend's homes. When dinner is through, retire to the living or family room for comfort.

As we get older we notice these things more, but we should always be aware of and consider these things when we are purchasing items for our homes. I once even bought a new sofa because of the little old ladies who would visit me. I wanted them to sit higher and not so low. Think about it.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Rose I'm Happy With!!

I just had to share this rose I did this afternoon and am just so happy with it! I've got one I'm actually pleased with. I'm on a roll now, chicks!! LOL Please click to see it up close. It really is quite adequate. ;-)

A Little Project and a SurpriiiIIIIiisssseee!!!

I've just been informed that it is Shannon who posted this idea about the framed plates. Thanks, Lyn!!! I appreciate it, sweetpea........

A little project I saw the other day. I'd give credit if I could remember who in the world it was! I simply can't because my mind can't keep up. Remember I'm an "old lady" and perhaps becoming senile, sweet chicks?!?! Hmmmmmmm, no matter.......

Anyway, she had some old frames she didn't know what to do with and put some little plates in them. I did the same thing only I did it with butter pats. I have about 7 that just sit in my china cabinet so I thought that since I had some extra frames sitting around here that I'd do the same thing. Little vintage roses and violets butter pats will now adorn my walls.........uhhhhh, somewhere in this house!

I think this is the very first bird's nest that I painted. Not too bad but I'm improving.

This is a special painting I did for someone as a surprise and she'll get it in the mail in a couple of days. It's a giant very whimsical cupcake!! I think she'll be surrRRrpriiiiisssSSSSeddddd!!

And these are my friday, 9/19, practice roses. PinkkkkkK!! When I say it this way it's like emphasizing the K at the end. Get it??? PinkkkkkK!!! LOL