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Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Pleasures of Comfort

Another post from long ago that I thought I'd share again.

While we all want our rooms to look nice (I know I DO), we often neglect the obvious: comfort. If a room doesn't have comfortable seating the room won't feel right. I see a lot of rooms that have stiff formal chairs that in no way would be pleasant to sit on. I've been in homes where the sofa requires an extra hand to get an elderly person up from the sofa. That is too low. Or the sofa that is so soft/cushy we sink into it so much that we feel lost in it. How about the dining room chair that is so hard on our bottoms or back that we can't wait to get out of it?! I've had that happen. A couple of times my back has ached for a couple of days after eating at friend's homes. When dinner is through, retire to the living or family room for comfort.

As we get older we notice these things more, but we should always be aware of and consider these things when we are purchasing items for our homes. I once even bought a new sofa because of the little old ladies who would visit me. I wanted them to sit higher and not so low. Think about it.


  1. You are so right! Great post! I am uncomfortable with white carpet. So glad bean bag chairs are gone too!

  2. Hey my sweet sweet Connie, I am soooo glad we found each other, just love your sense of humour, you are one of a kind. Looking forward to hearing from you again tomorrow (it is 10.50pm) in the land down under, I imagine your Sunday is just starting. Im off to play BINGO on Facebook!

    Have a great great day my beautiful Lady & until tomorrow......

    Love & Kisses
    Lyn xoxoxo

  3. We have the greatest couch in our family room. IT is the most comfortable couch I have ever sat on and if you take off the back cushions, hubby and I can cuddle with lots of room. You are so right, the room has to be comfortable. What's the use if all you do is stand and look at it! You are so good at posting!

  4. Connie ,I know what you mean ,my couch is horrible and I need a new one, it's the kind that is too low to the ground and the back sits foward too much on it. I am going couch shopping this week!

  5. Hey there Sweets!! OHH I SOOO hear ya!! Nothing worse than when your at dinner and your whole back and bum go numb!!! Hmmm not good!!!
    Hugs Sweetie!

  6. I hate looking at photos of rooms where you would be too scared to sit down in case you made the room look messy. Give me a welcoming comfortable chair/sofa any day.

  7. So true! I am totally into comfort! I like the wonderful combo of beauty and comfort!

    Hugs, Sharon

  8. Such truth! LOL

    To expand on this topic, a lil bit, let me say this...

    One of my Doctor's waiting room is very pretty... decorated to the hilt and true Eye Candy! However, the sofas seem to have a life of their own... they near 'bout swallow a whole human! On one of my recent visits that my Husband was unable to attend with me, there were no empty chair seats... sooooo, I ended up on one of the sofas... when the nurse called me to go back, I couldn't get up! Even with using my cane, no success... I was like a turtle on her back... UGH ... fortunately there was a polite gentleman there that came over and assisted me... After my exam I made sure my Doctor knew about me and his sofa! I haven't been back, yet, to see if a change has been made... LOL

    I hope your week is off to a great start... God bless...

    ~hugs 'n prayers~



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