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Sunday, August 3, 2008

If I Could Live In A Rose Garden

Edit: I just noticed that on the first few pix it looks like I had the "proportionate" button on my PhotoShop "unchecked" and the pix look distorted and thin and elongated. Wish I could capture that look on this bod, chicks!! I'll try to be more careful from now on, promise!! AND I'll post pix of "Love Bunny's new T O Y, tomorrow along with the finished wall. Now, understand it'll take me a while to hang things again. I want to study a scheme for putting things on the wall before I dive in haphazardly hammering in new nails! Oooooh, and I love all the tips people have been giving me on the "growing" of all my plants. I truly need all the help I and hubs can get.

Hubs and I spent the day trying to stay out of our contractor's way but we don't do a very good job of it. Well, hubs does; I don't! He's through today with the walls - texture is on and it looks really lovely. He has to come back on tuesday to put in the stainless steel sink I purchased a couple of months ago. (His name is Bob Robinson and he lives in Nampa, Idaho if anyone wants any remodel work done I think he'd be thrilled if you gave him a call. He's very reasonable.) Anyway, I've stepped in his "mud" on the paper he puts down on the carpet with my bare feet and tracked it all over the place, stuck my finger in his mud, and I've also brushed against his texturing and he's had to redo it once. But all in all, I think I've pretty much stayed outta his way! He, on the other hand, might just disagree. ;-)

But hubs wants to buy a pop-up trailer and has wanted one for a couple of years, diligently searching ebay and Craigslist for one. He found one today and we went to look at it. We offered a price to his wife because he was out getting their dog mated. :-) Dogs must really love this one!! Anyway, he came home, called hubs and accepted his offer. Now, I told him if we got a trailer I was taking over and "shabby chic-ing" it up. I don't think he has a problem with that really. His aim in life is to make me happy! But it's a hunk of change I tell you to buy a small pop-up trailer. I'm truly not that much into camping any more. It's not that I don't like getting out in the woods once in a while - like once a year or every other year - just fine for me! It just takes a lot outta me to get things ready, plus I have to be away from my computer for a few days and to tell ya the truth, my little cherubs, that scares the heck outta me and almost makes me shutter!! Truly, when Smokey the Bear puts in wireless and the U.S. Forest Service can run tech support with the cable/ISP company then I'll give it more thought! Until then, pass that router please and keep your hands off my browser! But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Soooooooo.........sigh........another decorating project for a "trailer"!! Whoopydippydoooo......... Mom never warned me about these kind of situations! Aaaaaaacckkkkk!!!!

Then we went to Greenhurst Nursery over on Happy Valley Road - don't ya just love that address??!!! I picked up a hibiscus and a beautiful english vintage tea roses bush with the most luscious smell. I've pictured it below with a caption telling you which one. Love Bunny/hubs has already dug the hole and put the hibiscus in it and also is in the process - prior to receiving the call that the aforementioned trailer was HIS - of digging out a forsythia bush to put in the new rose bush. He just HAD to rush over to Middleton to pay the guy and pick up his new trailer! Now, you and I would say it could wait till monday, right?? Nuuuuuuuu, hubs has to waste a gallon of gas in the gas guzzler Montero to run over and pick it up. After all, ya never know when aliens from outer space just might decide to invade this planet and set their beady little eyes on that exact trailer he just purchased to transport back to their home planet and disassemble it to find out what in the world this civilization is doing with these tiny little "houses" with canvas tops rolling along on wheels, right?!?!?! Sheeeeeesh.....

With all the wallboard dust it's another night of eating out. Last night Applebee's and tonight Qdoba's for mexican salad.

This is what he cut and pulled out for the hibiscus. I didn't like it anyway.

Hibiscus is on left.

Just some summer roses blooming.

Aren't these just lovely?!?!?!

The new rose called "Medallion". It is a very pale pink with a bright sort of pale yellow center and kind of ruffley petals. Very lovely!!

The hydrangea is getting bigger and the bougainvillea is growing in just a week!!