My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Thursday, November 10, 2016


This is my test blog to see just how my template is working now. It's been a long while since I've blogged and I've realized I've missed it more than I thought I would. My blog will contain photos of "eye candy" since that is what pleases me. I'll ramble some but I doubt you'll find me borrowing. Well, okay, maybe, but it's my blog and I'll ramble as I please. And sometimes, there may be a story, but there will definitely be photos of my great grand girls as they are funny, cute, lively and rarely ever boring. As I said, I'll ramble. So this is just the start.

I am SO grateful this election is over and life will return to somewhat normal for all of us. I'm just grateful it IS over. So visit often or when you can. I'm still working out the kinks in my template. I just about destroyed it, but with the help of  Michelle at it's pretty much back to normal. She was a sweetheart to help me with it.