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Thursday, December 3, 2009

On Just Being "Restless"

Since getting back from my granddaughter's home for Thanksgiving I've been a bit restless. I'm guessing that some of you know that feeling: lethargic, apathetic, sluggish, don't want to do anything like cleaning or laundry, but maybe just a tad restless also. Yeah, I thought so.

But today I definitely had to do the floors at least. The dust can wait until I'm good and ready to attack it. Maybe not the toilets though.

But I volunteered to do a Christmas swap with my eBay group friends. We're not many, just 14, but very close for the last several years. I don't regularly hop onto swaps as I just cannot seem to motivate myself to do many and my time is precious. But I love them and thought it would be fun.

So today I've spent a bit of time fixing up one of the items to be sent to my swap partner. I don't believe she reads blogs so this isn't a "reveal" to her. Plus she has been in on my quest to be a rose painter. This tiny project will be a little something extra in the box for her and it didn't involve much time for me. She's getting other things also, but an "original" by me will delight her, I'm sure. You can view how pathetic I truly am! But I do try and that's what is important.

My practice sheet from today is below. I'm either masochistic, have no shame or very brave to show you this. Not sure which! :-)

Here we have one box of pink decorations I plan on putting on our tree next year. Trust me, there will be a couple of boxes with items I'm crafting or buying throughout 2010 to use. This is just a start. If I spot something on my walls or see something that I have that will go on the tree, it goes in these boxes till next Christmas. I also have some stuff in my craft closet in bags that I plan on using, too. Throughout the year I'll be culling things as I go along. Some things in the box may not be used I suppose. I hope the reality is as good as the fantasy. Dream on...