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Thursday, September 27, 2012

A VERY Few Thoughts on Homes

First of all, let me say one other thing since you know I'm always saying: First of all...

I have so many photos that I have caught myself not only posting them twice but actually posting in draft form the same template/photos just waiting for me to add a story or the text to the photos. Being human, I'll probably do this and not catch it at some point. If so, be sure and tell me. I always want to know how demented I am. Just rub it in. I'll probably laugh right along with you. I'm saying this because just today I found two drafts of the same template/photos. Sigh.

I'm not really into showing off gorgeous homes on my blog; although, I do occasionally. I know you want to see the celebrities homes, but they're truly not the norm in our country. There are more average-looking homes than multi-million dollar ones. I'll do it for you once in a while but not often. I prefer homes with rooms like those below. That's what the majority of homeowners have. And I'll admit to looking inside windows at night when walking by. I'm just as curious as most people wondering how women decorate their homes. ;-) Doors and entrances have also fascinated me for a long time, ever since I  heard and understood the term "curb appeal." I sure hope you all enjoy seeing the photos I post. I simply do not lead that interesting a life to be able to post photos of my own life or home or adventures all the time. Hubs would definitely disagree with you, as would all my acquaintances and friends, but they're wrong. Okay, okay, for the most part I don't lead a terribly exciting life. I'm an old lady, ya know!

I love rooms like this. Cozy, lots of color and fabric and very inviting.

Another sweet room.

A beautiful bedroom. Love the shelf behind the bed.

Beautiful laces.

Probably one of the most beautiful ports you'll ever see with that wysteria

And roses for you!

Gorgeous embroidered pillow.

An old compartment on a train. I absolutely love traveling on trains. How would you like to take your supper in this little spot? :-)

Favorite color combo.

Isn't this adorable?

Try this with a thrift store lamp shade.

A delightful and colorful living room.

A darling little cupboard vignette

A lovely bed.

Try these colors of blue. Gorgeous.