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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Roses Again and Some Random Thoughts for Pink Saturday 6/26/2010

Welcome once again to Beverly of How Sweet The Sound and Pink Saturday.
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Can you stand to look at more roses in my garden? I certainly hope so because I love looking at them. ;-) It's also a pleasure to be able to share them with you all.

This will be the 2nd year for this hosta and it thrives in this spot under my office window.

Our pathetic little rhododendron is finally starting to show some growth. It's been quite a struggle for it but maybe it'll survive.

A David Austen rose. My favorites.

I'm shocked by how gorgeous this is this year. The bush has dozens on it at the moment. Very prolific!

Aren't they simply magnificent?


Random Thoughts:

I hear people on a regular basis say that actions they take don't hurt anyone but themselves. Wrong! In this world your actions affect everyone around you: family, friends, school mates. Selfish people consider themselves only; unselfish people consider others when they make unpopular decisions. Don't think I am wrong in this. It's very true. A ripple in the water travels the ocean, my friends.

The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.

If a guy tells you that if you love him, you'll "submit" to him then your answer should be: if you love me you wouldn't ask. Tried and true, chicks, tried and true. You have this on excellent authority. Me! If he loves you, he'd marry you. If not, he doesn't think much of you.

Why is it that home always looks so good to us when we return from our travels? Home is comfort, familiarity and serenity. I love it when we hit the California or Washington state line because I know we're almost to our kids house or our grandkids' house, but when we are on our return trip, it's our own home for which we're longing. "Being home" is the secret.