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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Secret Little Spaces ;-)

Let's take a peek into some tiny, and maybe some not so tiny, spaces to sit and while away some "thinking" time or to curl up with your favorite magazine or to maybe just stretch out on the sofa or swing and take an afternoon nap. I believe all the rooms featured here qualify.

Just so cottage in its style with all the elements it brings to mind - comfy and cushy sofa, luxurious toss pillows, flowery curtains swagged back to reveal sunlight.

What child wouldn't be delighted with "time-out" if this was their spot for their punishment. ;-)

Oh be still my heart...... an indoor porch swing!! And I love the purple and lavendar color.

White and light is the order of the day in this relaxing corner of her world. Lots of color in the pillows and other accessories. Dreammmmmmmm

This just might be a little girls bedroom OR even a big girls bedroom! I'd take it for a family room even. Pretty flowery curtains and a roses daybed. My kind of room!

I just love this little spot with its cozy chair and pillow, flowers, bookcase for vintage tomes and a "peek-a-boo" little leaded window and a little footstool. I always, ALWAYS provide footstools for my visitors! Charming!

Would you look at this window seat? Isn't it lovely?! I could really spend an afternoon on that one with a cup of cocoa. It even has its own light. Gorgeous.......