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Friday, April 26, 2013

Flowered File Folders and Another Chair I'm Remaking

I'm trying to add ribbon to the back of the chair, but I'm not sure it'll add much to it. Sometimes less is definitely more. I'll see and experiment with other ribbons.

Perhaps just pink and white ribbons.

This is one file folder my daughter bought me. The company was Twos Company, but in looking on their site now 15 years later, it's much changed. There are 12 folders in all, 3 each of a different print. The rest are below here.

Pink roses on a pale blue background.

Red strawberries on a pink background.

And little pink and yellow roses on a white background.

This chair I bought in California a few years ago, brought it home and added roses decals to it. The wire seat broke so I put it on the porch for decoration.

So a while back I wanted another vintage white chair, thought of this and asked hubs to fix it with a new seat. He's on it now! He loves doing these things for me and I appreciate him doing them.

A beautiful garden spot on the back of a home. I love all the flowers the homeowner has growing up the trellises.

A very sweet and comfy-looking home. These kind of homes speak to my heart and I love them. Simple. Cute. Large windows. Sunny.

Just like I did with my faux hydrangeas. Love my pink ones in my white drawer.

Wouldn't we all love to have a living room about this size? I would. Mine is small but to have an area for 2 sofas is my ideal living room. Two sofas and about 4 pretty chairs. Ahhhh! That one on the bottom left is the exact style of the 2 chairs in our family room: t-cushion, rolled arms, skirt. Exact same style, just the fabric is different, but our chairs have had 3 different fabrics on them. Time for new ones this year.

I've never liked dark bedrooms with heavy dark draperies but this one is very pretty. It was that gorgeous pillow on the bed that drew me in though.

Now, since my favorite color combo is pink and yellow, I just knew I loved this room. Wicker chairs are very hard to pull up to the table though. However, I do adore this dining room.

I've never seen a slipcover with a damask-type fabric as this one. They all need tucking in on a regular basis and that's why I gave our granddaughter our sofa in the family room that had the green and white ticking stripe cover. You have no idea how many people asked me where I got that slipcover. Many asked me if I ever wanted to sell it to let them know. It was great, washed up beautifully and didn't need ironing. I bought it for $340 about 8 years ago but just couldn't sell it as I loved it. So I just gave the whole kaboodle to my only granddaughter for the great granddaughters to have a fresh cover. That's important with little kids and cats!! But this one is very elegant looking.


Banker slang for people who pay off their credit cards in full each month: "deadbeats." (I'm definitely a deadbeat then!) 

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