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Monday, December 27, 2010

In Honor of Blues

This post is dedicated to lovers of blue, but to one blogger especially who loves a certain shade of blue that is known as McCoy blue I believe—Claudia, a really neat lady who has a darling little cottage in New York state along with her hubby and dogs.

This is the color that made me think of her. Oh, it is probably not the same color of blue she loves, but it simply reminded me of her. Since Claudia is a voice coach with a theatrical background and the sofa has a theatrical bent to it—to me anyway, it reminds me of her even more. Theatrical style, theatrical fabric (velvet) and theatrical colors!

And this color also just reminded me of Claudia.

There are lots of different blues in these photos but I love this periwinkle color of blue the best.

Blue headboard and flowery blue linens for this lovely room.

A touch of blue in the desk and side table in this monochromatic room. Very soothing.

Would you have ever imagined these two colors together and looking so beautiful together? I absolutely love them. That in no way means I'll fall to their allure. :-) I'm still a PINK girl!

This photo scan has absolutely nothing to do with blue, but I like the serenity of it. It's probably a coastline on the east coast since I'm very familiar with the west coast shoreline and it doesn't look too much like ours out here.