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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pink Saturday 11/6/2010

Welcome to the first Pink Saturday of November this year. Please visit with Beverly of How Sweet the Sound and view the other participants.


How in the world would you pick your nose with these wonders?! The hands are no one I know.

My daughter finally met a man the last several months that she wants to marry. Being a widow for the last year and a half and his death being so sudden, she's been so lonely and just wanted to get married again and have a companion to share the rest of her life with. This hasn't been easy on us, her family, but he seems nice and it's their choice. They've been looking at rings and this was my daughter's first choice but it was just too much money in my and my hubby's opinion. And what do you know? She listened to us!!!!

This is the new ring my daughter selected for her wedding. This is the engagement and wedding ring she selected.

I'll post another blog post this week. I can sit for short periods of time so we'll see. I've realized a lot of things just being lazy so perhaps I'll share with you. I still can't stay on here and blog hop and comment much at all. I'm so very sorry, but that's the way it is. I'll explain in this week's post.