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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Being Home #3

There is nothing exciting or glamorous about my life. I'm a simple person and not prone to theatrics or drama. I live simply with my "fluff" and pink stuff and rooms in a simple middle class home. However, I am an interesting person when you take the time to know me. My life revolves around my home, but there was a time before moving here when I was the highest paid woman in one of the very top Fortune 500 companies. I loved my job but I truly love being home more.

My routine is mundane for the most part but once in a while I get to go to a doctor appointment or dentist or beauty shop. Ya know you're in a rut when a visit to the urologist is a thrill!! ;-)

I start by making my bed every day. I love the feel of my bed mattress and sheets. Sheets are very important as I've stated in posts from a long while back. I love cotton and they way it makes me feel. I'm a very sensual person - meaning gratification of the senses: feel, smell, visual. I smell things others don't and feel things others don't. Just ask Love Bunny and he'll tell ya!

I love putting creams and lotions on my hands, back, feet and legs. Mostly I'll start the day putting this wonderfully scented cream on my feet. It does make a difference in the softness of feet!

Then I love the feel of soft cotton on my feet. Feet are the one thing we take the least care of and they are so important because if your feet hurt you can't do much, my little cherubs.

Breakfast is my least favorite meal unless hubs takes me out for biscuits, gravy and hash browns(!) and trust me, neither one of us needs it so breakfast is usually a piece of fruit for me. A pear, watermelon piece or an apple.

I finished making the valances for the new sewing and craft room. I wanted to punch up the color a bit with this pink toile and it certainly does add brightness to that side of the room.

My hair grows incredibly fast. I get it cut every 3 weeks probably and don't like spending much time in a beauty shop so I only get it "done" when she's cutting or perming it. Otherwise I do it myself because I know how I like it and can satisfy myself AND save money. This is the little chickee that cuts my hair. She is the most incredible hairdresser I've ever had. She is very talented when it comes to cutting hair. How do I know this? Because I get compliments all the time on my hair plus I just told you: she's the best hair cutter I've ever had! She's worth much more than she gets, trust me! I tip her well because she's the one in power when she has this hair in her hands with the scissors. ;-)

This is her darling 5 year old daughter. I imagine this child keeps her quite busy. She's gonna be a pistol like her mama. :-)


Most people hate going to the dentist I think. NOT meeeeee! I love it but it may be because I have an excellent and talented and perfectionist dentist. While you're supposed to go every 6 months because of insurance and we're private pay I decided I want to have my teeth cleaned every 3 or 4 months. I just like the feel of clean teeth and since we don't have insurance and are private pay I have that freedom. It has saved my teeth many times. I've told Dr. "T" that his job is to make sure I leave this world with all my teeth. He said that's his goal also! We're definitely in sync with this goal, chicks!

This is the woman who has cleaned my teeth for several years now and she's doesn't mess around with me. She scolds me when needed and tells me I've done a good job when I have. You don't get away with anything with this chick! Funny, but most people will brush reeeeealllly good for a dentist appointment. Trust me, you'll NOT fool them. They know if you're not a regular brusher or flosser. Don't believe me???? Just ask your own dentist. In fact, I usually stop for a krispy kreme donut just driving to his office. I tell them I do and it's up to them to clean all that sugar off. They do!

I don't mean to be such a tease.........okay, yes, I DO but wait till you see the following things coming up from Greenhurst Nursery:

Glittery red cheesecakes
A frou-frou reindeer......squeeeeeeeeal, I'm so excited to show this one!
Lemon chiffon pie ornies
Chocolate strawberry ornies
Ice cream cones like you've never seen before........

So don't get your tinsel in a tangle, chicks!

Okay okay, I give up!! Here's just a weeeee tease of upcoming photos!

Yep, it's all coming up, so stay tuned. Plus a giveaway soon also!! ;-) If you'd like to see what the giveaway is going to be similar to then go look at my La Maison Rose selling blog and check out the October 29th post. Yesssss, that's gonna be similar to what the giveaway is!!