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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Easter Pretties

Let's talk, or should I say, look at easter beauties today. I love easter because there are so many beautiful things to look at during this holiday. Okay okay, I'm not talking about the candy, chicks! I'm talking about the bunnies, roses, eggs, jelly beans........okay, so I am talking about candy–"eye candy"!! I love eye candy almost as much as I love the real stuff. I love the smiles it brings to the little munchkins and the pretty new dresses some people wear. I love the feeling of happiness it brings to us in our hearts. But mostly I love it because of the resurrection of our Savior and the hope that springs up with it.

Aren't these vases of beautiful flowers awesome? Faux. Yep, faux!! I was going to buy them but I have no place for any more flowers in this house. Yikes.........

I was also going to buy this geranium wreath but it wouldn't fit on the door with the storm door we have on there for security. It is just too bushy to be in there.

And I don't need another rug according to the Love Bunny. I have boxes up in the garage attic full of beautiful throw rugs and a persian carpet rolled up somewhere along with several 6x9' carpets rolled up. One more might just push hubs over the edge. ;-) But isn't this gorgeous?!

A magical easter bunny fairy.

Sigh...................... nope, no room for it either.

Cute but again no room in this house.

I hate deviled eggs but I'd be willing to fill it with truffles or some such things if I bought it. *Wink*

Egg shaped plates! How cute is that?!

Okay, now someone on etsy or ebay will come up with something like this I'm sure. Little felt easter bunny place mats.

I gave serious consideration to this wreath for the front door but hubs said he didn't think it would fit between the door and security/storm door either.

I'll show you more in a day or two plus I'll show you what I've decided on for the front door.

Ooooh, and for those who have emailed me about the bout with passing kidney stones, thank you all from the bottom of this ol' heart. I truly appreciate your kind comments, emails and thoughts. I'm back to feeling like my usual self and chompin' at th' bit to get some things done. My next project is to do a verrrrry special treat for my valentine swap put on by Miss Dolly. It will appear here first and I promise you that you will be delighted to see it.

I also am going to have a giveaway for my 500th post, chicks!!! Squeeeeeeeal, just you wait till you see what I'm giving away. You won't be able to contain the glee when you do. Keep watching for it within the week. I am a bit behind but that's to be expected with what these past 2 weeks have been like.