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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Family Room Refurbishing Part 1

Several women have emailed and asked to see the refurbishing of the family room since we painted all the walls in the house pink and, since many of you are new to my blog, I thought I'd do it again. I've changed things around a bit. I've also added a tour of it to my sidebar which you can see also.

Most of you know I love decorating my home and doing different things occasionally....OCCASIONALLY?!?!....ok, a lot then. Sheesh, calm down, chicks. It's my lot in life, ya know. Gotta keep Love Bunny guessing where he sits each morning.

Anyway, here is the first round of the redo.

I had hubs make the faux fireplace screen and then I went to work decorating it with fabric. A plaid and a roses barkcloth fabric. I love how it turned out even though I wouldn't want to lift it very often as it's plywood. Clicking any photo will enlarge it for greater detail.

This is the sofa with the slipcover I purchased for $300.00 about 3 years ago and it still looks like new after several washings. I decorate my lamps with roses, lace and ribbon and anything else I want to throw on it. I'm adventuresome. Also, notice the pictures in the background that aren't in frames. I just painted some old mats and fun-tacked them to the wall around the little pictures when I decided that frames were out of sight in price.

I've covered these chairs that are about 25 years old and still in great shape, although, the upholstery is sort of a kilim looking fabric and not truly shabby chic. No, that's not true; I think they'd definitely fit in with the shabby chic romantic look, but I was tired of the fabric and there is no way Love Bunny would let me get them upholstered yet another time. I had the extra quilts as I stopped trying to compete on eBay with my items, and I think they are cozier for the house.

The little footstool is still the same but I've been thinking of doing it over again. Who knows? *Wink*

I found the little ladder at Goodwill....squeeeeeeal.....for $2.00 and painted it pink not knowing what in the world I'd do with it. This is it. I like the juxtaposition of the vintage finials and starfish that I painted pink and added "sparkle" glitter. More wall fluff either given to me or found at thrift shops was given a fresh coat of white paint and hung on the wall. I am a FIRM believer in hanging things low on the wall, such as the mirror, and even propping it up against the wall on the floor as seen in the photos of my living room and the architectural renderings of our home that I had framed and brought with me. I wasn't about to leave them there for the new owners!

I think that's all I'll show for today. I'll put more on later.