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Friday, December 10, 2010

Pink Saturday 12/11/2010

First of all, I want to update you on our son's condition because some of you have kind enough to ask. Most of you newbies to my blog will not know what I'm talking about so if you'd like you can go here Keith's Trial and see what he went through last year.

He is still having vertigo from the gang beating along with migraines. About a week ago he had to go to the emergency room. He was in such bad shape they gave him 3 liters of water for hydration. He hadn't eaten for 2 days because while trying to put in a new sink in his kitchen and going under and above for that length of time the vertigo and migraine was intense.

But the sad part is that the trial for 2 of the men resulted in a hung jury. We cannot believe how it could have ended like that when the video from the convenience store was so readily available and showed the beating. I asked him how he felt about seeing it for the first time as the police wouldn't let him see it before the trial. He said it just happened so fast he couldn't believe it. So he'll have to go through another trial for these gang members. We're very sad to say the least. Such is the justice system that the perpetrators have it so easy.

Again, another Pink Saturday is here. Please visit the other participants to view all their blogs and pink items. Click on the logo below to visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound.


I have a sweet friend, Lorena, who has a gorgeous blue formal
dining room very similar to this one. Though I do love blue, she loves the color much more than I do. I think this and hers are gorgeous though.

While this isn't especially the shabby chic romantic style, it is still froufrou-y and feminine. And I like it.

Here's that Chesterfield sofa I love so much, but in a plain white fabric but with nail headtrim. While it is the same sofa, with a different fabric and different pillows it doesn't look formal; it looks more Americana.

I love these chairs also. When I get ready to buy, it will be from Ethan Allen, but I may have a hard time deciding on these and another style I like.

The harlequin pattern draws me every time. I don't know why but I just love it mixed in with the romantic style. The diamond is reflected in the coffee table, the points on the window coverings and the decorative boxes on the lamp table.

Another romantic bedroom I knew you'd love to see. I have a chandelier that I'm having a friend paint in exchange for lifetime use of my Cricut machine. I think it's a fair trade since she's a talented perfectionist. I have this "thing" for chandeliers. ;-)

Even an old basket full of spotted just-picked apples can make a fashion statement. Plus red rooms are lovely and very inviting.

French country is especially loved among you bloggers. I also love French and English styles, but I think Americans have as much style, while lacking in the antiques available to the French and English though. Just beautiful.

I have no doubt this room will appeal to some of you. To me, it looks like homes we would find in the south. Just from books on southern style and looking at the blogs, the southern part of the U.S. tends much more toward formality as does the northeast, while out west here we tend more toward relaxing style.

Different view of the same room. It's very symmetrical and I love symmetrical rooms. Asymmetrical rooms throw me off balance. They are rarely a favorite of mine although I've seen some I like.