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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Folding a Fitted Sheet

Several requests on how to fold fitted sheets prompted me to show you how. I don't have a video feature on my camera but hubby does. If he lets me borrow it and helps me with it I'll post a video. He's on the treadmill at the moment so it'll be later today. In the meantime let me give the directions. Very, very simple.

This is for a sheet with elastic all the way around. I find the "shortest" side (top and bottom of sheet) and grab it from bottom to top. Take the corner from the bottom (or top, doesn't matter here) and tuck the inside seam from one end to the other end, matching each corner seam. So it will be seam against seam. It will be tucked under as shown in the next 2 photos.

Now smooth it out a bit and kind of "square" it. Or in other words, hold the folded end above and the midway point below and smooth it down. At this point your sheet will be in half length ways. Just smooth as much as you can with elastic all around the sheet.

Then fold over length ways again.

And then fold up from top/bottom in half and then in half again as seen in 2 photos below.

This is the same sheet above after folding it one more time, just turned 90° so you could see it better. Ready now for the linen closet.

Ooooh, and this sheet is Italian. I have French and Italian sheets, but truthfully, there are absolutely soft and gorgeous American sheets available. Personally, I love American products. Their quality is superior. I don't care where it's made as long as it's cotton, a high thread count and soft. I have one set of buttery yellow that has a weave in the sheet. I'm thinking of giving it to a friend as the weave bothers me. I didn't think it would when I bought them but it does. I am a very tactile woman, sort of like the princess and the pea. I feel it ALL! I want comfort no matter what. That's why I am so OCD about my floors being clean. I don't want to step on even a pebble from outside.