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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another Something I Whipped Up Today for Pink Saturday 7/10/2010

Happy pink saturday and thanks again to Beverly of How Sweet The Sound for holding this event. Please visit with the other participants and view all the pink items they are displaying. This week I visited with Jenny of The Bird in Boots—she's a new blogger to go welcome her. Then I visited with Brambleberry Cottage and Patti at Fill My Cup with Beauty. Please visit with them if you haven't already.

Now, if you're a regular reader of my blog, you know if I tell you to come back because I'm going to do another "one"—whatever "one" means in different circumstances—then you'd better haul your backside over here again, right? Listen and you won't be disappointed, chicks.

And here is the BIG parasol I said I'd do. I must thank Love Bunny for not getting all tweaked outta shape when I snapped this golf sized umbrella out of the garage to froufrou up. Actually, you can see from the pictures that one rib is a bit bent so he didn't squeal at me at all. Plus, he has a number of other collapsible umbrellas from which to choose. :-o

This photo shows the bent rib. It's the red polka dot and green with pink roses next to it that is bent. No big deal really.

I love seeing them collapsed like this as they look even prettier and frillier.

All the above photos were taken in the yard on the morning after I finished this. But this one was taken in my office here. Without the bright sun you are able to see it better.