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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

American Men

A true man makes sacrifices in order to honor his commitments. Even though he will give much, the blessings he receives outweigh the sacrifice.

Put them on an amusement park ride and the testosterone sprays from their ears, man!! Whoooooeee!!!! Let's hear if for th' man and th' son. *Smile*

Future man? Yep, just likes playing with mum's stuff to show what he'll do to men who mess with him - shiners!

They are NOT afraid to "accessorize" when the occasion calls for it. The photo says: "Thanks! I pity the fool who don't like to accessorize!" LOL Cool lil dude!

Protect me and my family and country to their death if need be! I love our men in uniform. Ronda's son.

Play with their children and teach them good ol' American sports even at this tender young age.

I don't see any man in this picture that hasn't removed his hat for the National Anthem. These are men who love their country. And the woman who allowed me to use this photo told me that the man on the right in front was watching a man run up the aisle with his hat on. The man here used his own hat to smack the man and told him to remove his hat. He did. A true american loving man!!! I wish I knew him.

Teresa's son-in-law and son. You might want to read about her "love" for the son-in-law. A truly inspiring blog.

Her son

Dave who works hard to keep his wife at home for their 2 sons and daughter.

A loving dad to these 2 boys.

Real men absolutely do wear pink. I know this from experience. When my son was in USMC boot camp I had a shirt made for him. It was a pink t-shirt that said "I miss my mom" and he wore it with pride. Real men are not afraid to express their feelings and are comfortable in their masculinity. This is TJ, Sherry's son. TJ, I loooooove the shirt, honey.

This man is my brother-in-law, Love Bunny's brother. He retired from the U.S. Marine Corps in 2008 as a Colonel. He teaches at the War College in Pennsylvania. It's funny because he hugs just like my son so you know I have a soft spot for this man doubly because he is a Marine, my hubby's brother and a great American.

American men, we love y'all to pieces!