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Monday, November 24, 2008

Lunch with the Girls

Once a month on a wednesday we have been getting together to eat and socialize. I've told you: feed me and I'll follow you anywhere. I think that's why I married Love Bunny; he fed me Shoney's Big Boy hamburgers and had me hooked! Anyway, this is the group of "young ladies" that meets in a deli for sandwiches and gossip. Okay okay, just kidding about the "gossip" part. We actually try to solve the world's problems. Okay okay, lying about solving ANY kind of problems, too. Who am I trying to kid, huh??? We get together to stuff food into our faces! But this is us, chicks!! Well, most of us. Some came a little late. I was, after all, the photographer because I'm the most savvy chick in this group when it comes to computers and cameras. Sad, ain't it?!?!

I don't know if you can get this bread called Classic Harvest but if so this is the place they make it. Right in this building. They also have this little deli and it's a sweet place to visit. Small and peaceful and delightful food. I had ham with olives, onions, tomatoes, spring lettuce mix, sprouts (left over from my San Francisco yuppie days) and herbed cream cheese on a dark sweet bread. Yummmm.......