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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This Also Started With An Idea

This post started with this picture. How, you ask. These are my cabinets in my kitchen. I am not fond of the layout of the work area in it. You chicks know what I mean when I say the food prep area just isn't conducive to two people working: me and Love Bunny. Okay, got the picture? I need him out of my way when I'm cooking or preparing things but the cabinet on the right below are where our dishes and glasses are stored. I'm either in his way or he's in mine. So I thought another cabinet on the other side of the sink—below the right cabinet and to the right a bit would be just what we needed. I thought he was going to blow a gasket when I told him what I wanted.

I wanted a vintage cabinet to put there, something with glass at least. I wanted it white! He said, "It won't work. It'll look out of place." I, of course, said, "No, it won't." I have a vision!

Here is where I'd like to put it. On the right side of the sink. I'd have to take down the 2 shelves, but it's not like I haven't changed things around in this house for the past 5 years, ya know.

And besides, who knows but that at some future point I won't change out all the top cabinets? Around here anything is possible. I wouldn't change the bottom cabinets because that's a lot more work than I'd like to do. Besides—again—I like the look of different cabinets. These are ash cabinets and with white on top I think it'd be quite nice actually.

So this brings me to this post and the photo below. I love the look of this cabinet below: white with chippy looking doors. Beautiful! When I saw this cabinet I knew I was on the right track and didn't doubt myself. Actually, I didn't doubt from the beginning but this arms me with ammunition when the subject is brought up. ;-)

And as I was looking at the photos I realized a lot of you bloggers might like seeing some of these simply for the eye candy they provide. Imagine setting a table like this. Ooooh, how lovely that is.

This woman did her weekend/vacation home in red, white and blue and she did it magnificently. Just a few pictures for you.

Would you just look at those gorgeous sofas?

This is a man's room. See, I told you men like romantic bedrooms.

This garden is stunning. Just a few photos of it also. Would you look at those gates? WOW!

And the greens in this living room are beautiful.

Same garden, different spot. I'd like to achieve the look she has in the arbor with roses or even grapevines.

Her garden cost more than my whole house many times over.

The garden cabana. Drool...

Different house, but just look at the moldings on the wall. That cost more than my whole kitchen...MANY times over.

Just for some more froufrou, chicks.

Gorgeous colors.

What I wouldn't give for something like this in my back yard isn't even worth mentioning. Squeeeeeeeal.

Just thought these were gorgeous fabrics.

Now, we all know how I feel about orange (my least favorite color), but this chair is something I could live with in my home—if I could afford it. I think it's beautiful.

From my dream of a cabinet to this. I do get sidetracked sometimes. *Sigh*...