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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Purses #1 for Pink Saturday 4/3/2010

Welcome to Pink Saturday hosted by Beverley of How Sweet the Sound. Go visit her for all the wonderful pink items you'll ever see in one place on the blogs. This past week I visited Marsha at Splenderosa as someone I'd never visited before. It's getting harder and harder to find bloggers I've not visited, but I think you'll enjoy her blog, chicks!
One afternoon recently when I was in Boise I visited Macys and found these most amazing purses. Now, here in the photos they are adorable but you can't even imagine how gorgeous they actually are. Just take a look and drool, chicks. Exquisite! They are a bit pricey but within reach for all of us. Again, when there's a #1 in the title, you can count on there being at least a #2. ;-)
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