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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Stained Glass Window Present!!

Can you believe that today after church our bishop's wife brought this stained glass rose window over to give to me?!?! I was again stunned by the generosity of people who know me. She said her husband, a contractor, pulled this out of a house a couple of years ago and they just kept it. Now since meeting me and seeing my home and what I can do with things she thought that I should have it if I wanted it. If I want it?????? Hah, YESSSSSSSSSS!! It is now in my living room awaiting a place to put it. Maybe I'll put it on one of the plant shelves around the living room. It's big and very heavy, but I so appreciate the loving kindness and the fact that she thought of me. Tasha's parents are quite exceptional! Just lovely people who let us have Tash to come over and scrap/craft with me. I'm so excited!!!!!!!