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Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Shabby Ruffled Quilt Debut

As I've mentioned in this post a few days ago, I've made a few of the photos bigger when you click to enlarge than others. I'll tell you which ones in the text at the top. Again, I love large photos to be able to see them well. I see some on blogs that are so tiny one can barely make out the photo. I think it's a case of when they add them, they're not clicking the "Original size" below the picture. Too bad, because they just don't show well when they are so small. I do a lot of editing with mine in my iPhoto and Photoshop to make them as good as I can for your viewing pleasure. You cannot get the flavor of the quilt, or other things for that matter, with tiny photos. Sometimes I just want to scream.

The quilt arrived all scrunched up. It took me all day to iron the 11 ruffles. I ironed, stopped, did some sewing, ironed, stopped, ate, ironed, stopped, went to WM, ironed...well, you get the idea. I hope to not have to wash it very often!

This is the top of the quilt.

This is the underside. I think for us romantic, shabby chic gals this would have been the best fabric to present on the top side. While the little daisies are cute, this side is more in line with the look we want.

Here it is on the bed.
Click to enlarge this one. Oh, and if you see my bra somewhere in these pictures, ignore it. ;-) It was early when I did these photos.

Click to enlarge this one.

 Click to enlarge this one.

Click to enlarge this one.

Close up of those darling ruffles.

Even closer up of ruffles. All the fabrics they've chosen for this are really, really cute.

The quilt is a full/queen size. When I put it on our queen size bed, 3 of the ruffles are on top. I think that's the way it was designed because their website has the ruffles on top of the bed. That leaves it not reaching the floor. I knew this before though so I was planning on buying another ruffled bed skirt. But a situation arose.

Hubs and I put a blanket on the bed a few days ago and we both just about died from the heat of the foam-y type blanket. We decided to give it away as we're both too hot to sleep with it. We both love our bedroom cool or even cold. We sleep cold even in the winter. So, being that we have no lighter blankets and since we couldn't find one this time of year, we are keeping the matelasse cover I bought from Soft Surroundings several years ago. The cover cost me a couple hundred dollars back then and I've had people tell me if I ever want to sell it, to let them know. Well, that's pretty much all we sleep under in the summer, and in winter we keep a blanket at the bottom of the bed in case it gets too chilly for us—a rare occasion. So, what I'm doing is just keeping the matelasse cover on the bed and putting the new quilt over it. Plus the long bed skirt on the matelasse cover is perfect for covering up under the bed. (See photos 4, 5, 6 and 7 above.) While it's dragging on the carpet, I don't mind. I'd rather have it too long than too short and if I want to hem it at some point, I can; though, I doubt I shall. Two pluses: cover for warmth and bed skirt for bed. I don't have to go buy another bed skirt if I don't want to. And trust me, I've spent a lot of money recently!

This cottage looks like it could be on the back of someone's property.

Isn't this handbag lovely?

Gorgeous close up of a flower.

Beautiful french soaps.

Lovely duvet cover and pillows.
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