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Thursday, February 23, 2012

And another thing...

Hubby and I recently went over to Washington to visit with our granddaughter and her family. The main reason for going was a model railroad train show and hubs can't pass one up here on the West Coast. Plus I try to accommodate him whenever possible because he loves them so. This one was in Monroe, WA.

Now, I absolutely love Washington state. It's green beyond description, especially living here in a reclaimed desert. Plus Washington is quiet for a large population area. I believe it's because of so much foliage that muffles most of the sound.

There's another area that makes it unique—the aging hippies from the 60s. Now, I lived in the San Francisco Bay area during the early 70s when the hippies were the attraction people came from all over to see so I definitely know a hippie when I see one and I saw quite a few. You know the kind: men in their 60s, long gray hair held back into a pony tail by a rubber band and sometimes a clip, earring in one ear, Birkenstocks and round wire-rimmed glasses. Oh yeah, that's the dead giveaway for hippies. I haven't a problem with them, but they seem to have not grown up at all in 40 years here on this earth. Still wandering around seeming to have no jobs. It was really humorous to see them but also a little sad that they have to live in their "glory moment" for the rest of their lives. Even my granddaughter thought they were rather pathetic, but then she and her hubby graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, and got jobs and made something of their lives. They have no truck with deadbeats or that style of living.

Ooooh, and another thing. I've been reading about incidents in N.C. where 4-year old school children whose mummy packed them homemade lunches are being denied the lunches from their lunch boxes and made to eat from the school cafeteria. Chicken nuggets! Then the parent is charged a fee for it.

First of all, a 4-year old is NOT in school. It's called daycare. You do not start school until you are 5-years old. And pre-school is daycare. Do NOT argue with me about it.

Second, what right does the school or state have to tell them the lunches aren't nutritious? It's the parent's prerogative, given to them by God. BTW, when the report told what was in the lunches, it was MORE nutritious than the chicken nuggets. A turkey and cheese sandwich, apple juice, banana and chips. Sounds fine to me. What is happening to our country and our school system?! I'm so angry I could spit nails. A lot of people I know home school or have their kids in charter schools and they excel the public school kids by far. Oh, hold me back!!!Forgive my rant but I am beyond my limit here.

I've had my say, so let's look at some more gorgeous vignettes and photos that dazzle the eye! I don't need to describe or caption each photo, do I? Naaah, just look and day dream.

I tell you, the wife who owned that original table and chairs would stare at us in amazement for putting it in our new homes today. She'd probably think we were out of our minds because she probably lusted and dreamed of having a brand new spanking clean table and chairs.

I think this is a house where cats rule!

And I'll bet a crafter lives in this room.

I'm not too sure that hanging a bough of evergreens near a fire is a good idea but it sure does look lovely.

Sweet eye candy for you.

Claudia, are you looking?

And to think I painted our old patio table pink when this is in style now.

You have my permission to have something sweet about now. Go ahead!

I would never have thought of using a square boxy cushion as a coffee table. But I love how this looks.

Americana at its best: flag, porch swing, bicycle leaning against a tree, flowers growing around the porch and a hanging birdcage with flowers in it.

A dramatic combination of colors for a kitchen.

I saw this and am going to do a chair I have like this tomorrow.

A sweet vignette for you.

Now, go and do something sweet, nice or uplifting for someone you know. Okay?!