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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lamps and Lights

Lighting is tremendously important to a room. Most rooms are dark and dreary. They are building them with more glazing in the last several years but for the most part rooms are dark and dreary. That will dampen the spirit. You need to have light. Our home faces north from the front making for a very dark home. I have to light lamps in some rooms because I react negatively to light-deprived rooms. Even in daylight hours we need to light lamps if need be. Overhead lighting is fine but we need the "mood" setting light of lamps.
Above are some of the lamps in my home. They were plain old lamps and some even picked up at garage sales. I've painted them - glass and ceramic - in whites or pinks and added roses, ribbon and lace to them. That makes them "unique" and truly one of a kind. You can certainly purchase lamps at discount stores, but "jazz" them up a bit. It doesn't take much. I've even been known to paint the lamp shades! But be sure the shade "matches" the "style" of the lamp. And make sure the switch on the lamp is not seen below the shade. And for heaven's sake, take off the plastic from the shade!! That is only for the showroom and protects it from dust. When you get it home, take it off!