My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Collecting Pitchers

I adore pitchers! I collect them and have some of the prettiest ever. This little cutie is one I just bought. Isn't it adorable? All pink checks, black and white stripes and ROSES! I collect a lot of things, but most of all anything with roses: towels, plates, prints, fabrics, bowls, cards, boxes, blankets, cups, trays, paper, you name it. If there is a rose on it, I'll buy it. I wonder what others collect. I know some people collect vintage items and stamps, coins, CDs, videos but I'd really love to hear from someone who collects really unusual stuff. Any takers out there? Tell me about it.

Just sitting in my family room, living room or kitchen gives me great peace and joy to see the "eye candy" on the walls and tables. I couldn't stand bare walls or windows without pretty floral or striped or checked curtains. It is just a visual feast for my eyes to take it all in.