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Friday, April 3, 2009

Friend's Home Tour #2

This is a better shot of that antique sewing machine and the lovely entry to my friend's home.

Turning right at the dining room takes us into their living room. Those windows are facing south. The little cottage is just visible through the right window. White painted tables and luxurious deep-cushioned sofas and chairs and PINK lamp shades! I just adore how she has taken a sort of Idaho log home and made it so romantic. I would have done exactly the same as she has done. Then she's tied back sheer curtains on the wood trimmed windows. Oooh, did I mention her hubby built this house for them? Well, he did. It is very pretty and large also. Just wait till you see it all.

River rock fireplace. Phyllis has flowers and plants all over this home. Plus she gardens in the spring and summer and usually has a vase of flowers for the pulpit at church. She can really grow beautiful flowers.

The lady of the house also plays piano and I think teaches some of her kids to play also. Luxurious white shag carpet and a vintage rocking chair. Hubby made that clock on the wall also. He cut the wood and then someone in the family painted it. Talent abounds in this family.

Close up of the clock.

Her kitchen. Squeeeeeeeal!! I love the boldness of red. She is not a wimp when it comes to colors, I tell you. She's a woman who knows what she wants and does it regardless. Astounding and fantastic she is. Red microwave, plates, skillet, stools at the countertop, pantry door, hanging pot holder.

Red and white checked curtains at her front window looking out into her entry garden. Red transferware plates on her wall above the sink window.

Yep, hubby made this clock also! I have to tell you this man is the kindest, sweetest, gentlest man I've ever met. He is such a humble man he is most like Christ in any person I've ever met. I guess you have to have patience when you have 11 children!

They've done a faux finish on this wall. Notice another chandelier in this family dining area. A woman after my own heart!! I only have one but she has MANY! But I'm thinking of getting more for my home. *Wink*

They just this past week got their first computer. It is kept in this area and you'll see it on the left side just a wee bit. You'll also notice she has a battenburg lace tablecloth on her table. She's a true stay-at-home wife and mother.

Okay, hold me back here!! Look at this stunning shabby chic white feminine bedroom! Blue and white toile curtains inset into those log windows. And another chandelier. Plus a pink lamp shade with roses on it. Squeeeeeeealing with delight! I know she loves pillows also.

Okay, that's a teaser of the bedroom to come in the next post of their home.