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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Admit It!

I am NOT a gardener in any way, shape or form. I'm known around here as the "plant killler"! But today I really needed to get out in this beautiful sun and weather. It's 55° here in the desert this afternoon and with the strong western sun we get here, it is nice and warm. Too warm to be digging in the dirt, actually. But here I am with my pink Crocs, knee pads and planting thingies in my hand. I'm only planting a few primroses so what can happen, right? Right! I'll give it a go.

Beautiful, aren't they?

Grass looks pretty good for early in the season. Just had it sprayed yesterday with our lawn service.

Trust me, I could NOT do this without the knee pads. I'm soooo cute with this paraphernalia on. Look like a pig farmer gone bad!

First planting on the one side of patio out back. Not too bad.

Bricks got me a bit confused. Love Bunny came out later and asked me if I'd ever heard of measuring. I called him a smart ******.

Truly not too straight here, but I was going for the "natural" look.

This is not going well at all, I can tell. But I'll keep trying. Stay tuned!

Update photo of our great granddaughter before she is born. Granddaughter is looking like a snake that swallowed a buffalo whole! She's gained 31 pounds so far but she started out at 111 pounds and 5' 5" tall so not too bad. But she's porking out rather nicely! LOL We're expecting Miss "A"—as she is called—to just gush out as the monster in Alien did years ago. And if she reads this—as she occasionally does—I'll probably get a call. Yikes!!!!