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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Just A Few Thoughts Tonight

I'll mention again my Pinterest page where there over 7,500 beautiful photos for you to see. I can't believe how fast the following is growing on my site! Thanks to all of you who are following. I'm humbled by the response to it.

Just a few thoughts on my blog tonight.

I've never shared this website with anyone on my blog. Don't know why. But I'm rectifying that on this post today. I found her a couple of years ago when she commented on my blog. I went back and read every single post she ever wrote and just about split a gut laughing. She lives in Utah and is a mental health counselor but the most irreverent woman I've ever met...and FUNNY!!! I warn you this woman can be a bit bawdy sometimes. Sometimes??? She is absolutely hilarious, at least to me. She gave up blogging for a while in March and gave us another post in September, but you've really got to visit and laugh. This is her blog site. She gets comments in the hundreds almost all the time. I wish she'd come back but I guess there are so many nuts in Utah that she's too busy counseling. ;-)

Hubby is a party animal. Well, more of a social butterfly and gregarious. I'm not. I'm pretty much a let's-eat-and-leave-type chick. It's really hard to party with ibuprofen being my main "snack" lately!

I'll mention my "thrifty" friend again. She's the only person I know who doesn't get rid of a car until it qualifies for the Guinness Book of World Records for the most mileage on a car. Sigh. That subject came up recently since they have almost 300,000 miles on her hubby's car. I've told her to get rid of it but she says it's still okay to keep around just in case one of the other cars goes out. I just can't get my head around that!

Darling white, pink and flowery bedroom.

Love this color combination.

What a gorgeous bracelet!

Pretty crocheted roses.

Gorgeous white formal home.

Lovely vignette in a forest.

Now that's a bicycle I wouldn't mind having. Cute seat cover and basket to hold groceries.

What is it about stone steps that attract us so? Very quaint and adorable.

Yes, I do love this sofa and cushions also.

A gorgeous bouquet of roses so full there must be a gajillion petals in there!

Talk about living in the water! ;-)

A bouquet vignette I couldn't NOT show you.

Pink does it every time for me. Isn't it lovely?

I looooove this cuff. I think I'll try to make one. When I wear mine, I always get attention and question on where I got it. I tell them I make them and they're quite easy to make.

This is a modern-type of homespun room. I like it because of the colors and it looks comfy even if it trends towards early American. Adorable.

Your tuition dollars at work: The University of Alabama offers an "Intro to Zombies" course. Puzzling as to WHY!