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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wrought Iron Chandelier

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Hubby finally found this chandelier up in the garage attic. I bought it on a trip to Pennsylvania in the late 80s to visit his parents. Our son, daughter-in-law and grandson went with us. We toured the countryside one day because I wanted to visit a shop I had read about in a magazine. We found it and purchased several things and she graciously shipped them back for us. It was quite a unique experience and I truly loved it. I bought 2 of these and sold one on eBay for a song. But when I went to the Post Office to ship it, the shipping was going to be $100.00! I almost cried so the postal clerk looked at it again, remeasured and a couple of inches miraculously dropped off! (Now, from looking at this you can imagine what the packaging looked like as Love Bunny had to cup up boxes to make its own box. It truly looked like a space ship and got the most awesome stares in the Post Office that day. Hubs said no way was he going to the P.O. with it. He's such a sadist!) Then it was about $35.00 and off it went. I would have had to refund her money and tell her what happened. It worked out well all the way around and I was saved the embarrassment so I'm happy. But no way would I sell this one after that experience.

So I've decided to paint it white to go with the look of our house now. What do you think? Now for the froufrou-ing of it.

Okay, and now I have the candles in it but I've been so busy with a couple of other projects that I haven't froufrou-ed it up any further than this. And this is the safest place to keep it at this point. Soon!