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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rose Ball to Decorate the Bedroom for Pink Saturday 4/17/2010

Happy pink saturday and thank you to Beverly of How Sweet the Sound for having this. This past week I visit 4 bloggers I'd never been to before and enjoyed each one. It's getting harder and harder to find chicks I haven't visited before! The new ones are Monica at The White Bench, Yoli at Apronsenorita, Phyllis at Aroundrhouse and Valrie at Poemsmyway. No, I didn't misspell Valrie! ;-)

First of all, a view of my sofa table bearing all the little shoes I've made for Miss A and her arrival in May.

The soles of her new shoes.

I made this hanging ball from styrofoam and coffee filters made into roses. If you follow me on any kind of regular basis you know I love making these. So I made several ahead and glued them to this 6" ball. Just a few shots of it up close so you can see it well. Now, these are formed coffee filter roses, not just twisted and stuck in tightly, but pulled apart and then tucked in. I like the look much better. I only used about 18-20 of them instead of several dozen.

I used different colors mostly because no two turn out alike, and I like to experiment with different colors and techniques.

I love the way it turned out since it is my first one.

It hangs in my bedroom over my dresser.

I also needed something to put on a jacket to wear the other day and whipped up this little pin for it. I actually just safety pinned it to my jacket. You can do this, chicks! I did this in about 20 minutes from start to finish cutting, stitching and ragging the edges.