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Monday, February 13, 2012

Driving Through the Redwoods

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In the 80s I had a Pininfarina convertible much like the one below, but a light sky blue color. The seats were Italian leather with the best lumbar support ever, as my chiropractor told me. It had real wood dashboard and was overall a fun and beautiful car to drive. I just had to have that car and since hubby had a Nissan 280Z, he could hardly say no. Of course that left us with 2 two-seater cars, but our kids were out of the home so it was fine.

Hubs was a Scout Leader then and
every month
took his scouts on camping trips, whether summer or winter. He loved camping and was a great leader for boys. He taught them how to be men; after all, he was a Marine drill instructor in the 60s so he knew how to teach them survival techniques.

While he was camping with them for the weekend, I'd put the top down on the Pininfarina and drive up the Northern California coast through the Redwoods with classical music blaring. I'd stop at a B&B where the lady was preparing coq au vin for that night's dinner or go to a winery tour. I've since given up alcohol as it never was something I liked. It was such a great feeling for me to drive along California Hwy. 1 and just sing along. I loved those times of my life. The photo below is just south of Big Sur. If you're ever on that highway, stop at the Little River Inn for one of the best meals you've ever had. They grow their own vegetables right out back of the inn.

Personally, I can never get enough roses to grow or look at or to cut from my garden.

Why don't you try this in your family room to give it a more dramatic effect? I just might, but I have so many projects at the moment, I don't know when I'd get around to it.

This is actually a trampoline that someone must have gotten tired of and made into a tropical getaway.

Old wood ceiling, stone walls and ruffles galore are some of my favorite things.

Whisper to your sweetheart: Meet me at the garden gate. See how fast his eyes light up. The intention being...well, you can guess what the intention will be.

I have absolutely no clue whose home this is, but not only did she paint her walls pink, she painted the steam radiator pink also. I knew immediately she was my kind of chick! I love this room.

I absolutely do have these tiny lights strewn throughout my house on tall bookcases and on top of our grandfather clock. Ambiance, ladies, ambiance.

This is not the kitchen of the woman at the B&B in the redwoods mentioned above but her kitchen was most similar to it. She actually was preparing coq au vin for her dinner guests that night I stopped by.

While this is a gorgeous kitchen, I'd prefer more light in it and more white. I like the above one the best.

Okay, it's not pink, but it is absolutely stunning in this shade of elegant blue.

If I said 'my eye teeth' would you understand what I meant here?

If I ever find this spot, I'm hauling my hubby into the woods. I think this is a magical spot.

Now, go and dream an enchanted dream and lift someone up. You'll be so glad you did and so will they.