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Monday, June 18, 2007

What a Monday!

What a day!!! Girls, I'm telling ya I'm beat and it's only 6 pm.

I received some delightful surprises in the mail from a sweetie named Amy. You will notice I've added the envelope and note to my message board in my laundry room. Also I put up the invitation/announcement to my gorgeous granddaughter's "wedding." Now she and Ivann have been secretly married for 7 years now, but she wants a big wedding.
THEY are paying for it! (His mother has no clue they've been married all this time.) Anyway, I'll be displaying pictures next month after the big "TO DO"!!
Couple of thoughts:

1. What does it matter about old girlfriends of your husband; you got the man! Laugh it off; it'll drive your mother-in-law crazy knowing she cannot get to ya! :-)
2. Let things go! Nothing is worth the stress.
3. Living well is the best revenge. Hah!

Off to make dinner..........