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Saturday, April 21, 2012

A "NOT Happy" Saturday

I awoke this morning to a new blogger interface. I was not happy. I started to do a new post and, lo and behold, it was an entirely new experience. I was not happy. I'm not fond of change, especially when forced upon me. I was not happy. This is in addition to what happened yesterday when hubs went over to the storage facility where we store the pop-up camper. I was not happy.

But first, the rest of the blogging story.

I panicked about the template. I was simply messing around with it as usual in a new interface and poof, it was gone. I practice what I preach and had a template saved. But when I entered it on this site  it came up as HTML when I clicked to preview this blog post. I freaked and hubs was completely understanding and sympathetic. I went online to blogger forums and asked for help. A kind woman, who was a top commentor on there, said she'd alert the "powers that be", or in this case, the techs, but they were probably on low or no staff for the weekend. I was not happy. I then had lunch—left over fettucine alfredo from Olive Garden last night—and thought about it. The template I used was dated 2007 and then it hit me that I save templates on a regular basis and I thought perhaps I had entered the wrong template. I did a quick search on this iMac and found one dated 2010, copied and pasted it into the "new interface" (uuuughhh!!) and voilá, there it was, just as it appears every day. I was beyond crying happy tears. I was beyond thrilled! I was happy at last.

See photos and story for trailer fiasco below:

This is a view of the inside. Hubs was trying to get it ready to go to a train convention over in Medford, Oregon. I wasn't going. Now it looks like the camper won't be going either. It's trashed. Somehow water got into it. The camper was covered in a tarp but we think perhaps the wind may have blown the tarp off at one point and the couple who manage the large storage facility may have gone out and put it back on for us. This was absolutely not their fault. If they had called us we would have checked for damage right away. They were kind enough to be concerned and we don't blame them one bit. The canvas was totaled. Hubs has taken it off and thrown it in the trash can. A soft wool topper called Cuddle Ewe was totaled also. The topper cannot be dry cleaned or washed and it's covered with mildew also. He was devastated as he now will have to stay in a motel and eat his meals out. This will take more money but he has saved so it won't be a hardship particularly. I told him for these trips for VFW or train shows/conventions he must save for them. I think it's a good idea to not be in debt. And he has been good about putting the money aside for these extra trips. I could go but that would put me in a motel with absolutely nothing to do and I'd be bored stiff. I hate traveling anymore. I think I may have harped on mentioned this a time or two before. ;-)

This is what the inside of my arm looked like after my experience in ER last Saturday when I went in for the 2nd time in 4 days passing a kidney stone or so I thought. This is just ONE of the areas they tried getting an IV in me. There are 3 others. This one is on the inside of my right arm and was successful. I was not happy.

Now, one of the reasons I'm not happy about the new interface is that I'll have to do a complete new tutorial on it for everyone that isn't computer savvy and is not happy with the new interface. Yes, it's a bit glitchy but I can make it work for me. The key word here is work. I hate work! I see a lot of blogs using the new editor and a lot of them are terrible, the blog posts I mean. It's not the blogger's fault though. Well, it is in that they haven't acquainted themselves with it as well as they could have. But I want my blog to work well and look good. But today since I'm doing it in the new blogger interface, I'm getting some good practice. I would also love to be able to upload more than one photo at a time. That would be an essential time saver for me. A year or so ago when I asked blogger to let the old editor stay they did and I was thrilled. I guess they knew at that time they'd be working on this new interface and the old one would eventually go away. It would have been nice for them to let us know though. After all, isn't it about pleasing the customer? I'll get used to it and stop crying now. I'll let you look at some eye candy while I go and lick my wounds and play around with the new interface to see what the heck I'm doing.

As you can see here in this screenshot what I mean about the new interface. It looks as if there is no space between the three photos just above this screenshot, but in actuality there is a lot of space between them when the Preview or Publish button is clicked and the blog appears. I am also paranoid about hitting the Publish button sooner than I want as it is so close to the Preview button now. It wasn't in the OLD INTERFACE (CAN YOU HEAR ME, BLOGGER TECHS?!!!).

 So I'm through for this day playing around trying to get the photos to work properly. I'm going to work with it and see how I can make it do what I want it to do and I have an idea. I'll just have to see if it works. Until then, happy blogging.

There is enough bitterness in the world without us adding to it.