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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Needing a Bit of Something

The other day I decided I needed some new rugs around the house so off I went to spend a little money. I also wanted some new plates, not expensive china but some melamine lightweight in some new colors. I'm getting tired of eating off china everyday. Can you imagine that? Well, I was. So, I hit Target and looked what I picked up for the laundry room! Fuchsia or magenta cotton rug. Drool.

While I was really looking for some polka dot plates (Yep, I broke my #1 rule of buying something when I saw it, being glad I'd have it instead of sad because I didn't grab it while it was there). Anyway, I found these darling pink and white plates and this bright red one. They're almost square scallop-y but look round because of the center white being round. Remember now, these are lightweight melamine. Darling!

Also recently, I told Love Bunny that I was tired of washing plastic forks and spoons. They're plastic, for pete's sake, throw them out! I told him to just buy a large box of them next time we were at WM and then throw them out when he's eating lunch on the days he teaches. He's always liked taking lunch more than buying it at a restaurant. Bite your tongue!!! Me? I'd prefer to buy it out.

So, as we're going through the little plastic tumbler that holds his stash of plastic forks and spoons, I came across this purple one and just couldn't throw it out. I mean, how many times do you come across a purple plastic spoon?

I then thought I needed to spruce up the little clay pot in the laundry room so I painted it pink, decoupaged it and put lace around the top. Whooooole different look.

Yep, much better, especially with the lace on the shelf also. That lace is just a left over from a cut-up curtain. So never, ever throw any lace away. There is always a use for it somewhere in the house.