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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Paintin' It PinkkkKKKK!

Yep, chicks, here we go again!! I know this is getting boring to y'all, but trust me on this, it ain't borin' 'round here!! Just another blip in the saga of getting this house up to snuff on MY terms. I've told you that Love Bunny has told me whatever makes me happy I can do. Now, I realize that leaves a lot of latitude with attitude, but he's been married to me for so long that nothing surprises him any more. So although this is a 3 year old house with a paint job only that old, color affects me greatly and I'm doing it over in pink walls. Ooooh, it's a pale pink but PINK nonetheless. Isn't it wonderful to have someone love you so much that he'll let you paint it pink when he's a retired U.S. Marine?!?! Squeeeeeeeeeallll.......Yep, he's a man's man for sure. So I'm on intimate terms with my painter now. DO NOT become suspicious; he's younger than my granddaughter but if ya have to start a rumor, please make it a good one. I'll live it down and it just might spice up my dull, boring little life here in Idaho. I'll NOT put up with those skimpy little wimpy rumors either. I want it a full-blown R-U-M-O-R worthy of Harlequin romance novels!!!! Uuuhhh huhhhh!!!

We started with moving the furniture away from the walls the night before he was to come paint. We took down everything but the nails and picture hangers. Told him to paint them or around them; I wasn't taking them down again. ;-)

Everything from the kitchen went in the family room along with some things from the living room.

I left us 2 places to eat at the table. You think this means he needs to take me out to dinner for a few nights???? Hmmmmm?!?!

I have a path to my chair and left hubs just enough room to sit on the sofa.

I have since moved the laptop into the front of my club chair in the family room and put it on a little slanting tv tray I got for this very purpose but hadn't used it as such yet. Really nice sitting here in my comfy chair and taking it easier than sitting on a dining chair when using my laptop. I should have new desktop by end of week. I'm soooooo excited! Squeeeeeeeal.........

This china cabinet was flush against the family room wall but I'm thinking of angling it when this project is done. All the china is out on a folding table set up in the family room. Hubs refused to take down the vertical blinds covered with sheer fabric. Too much trouble so we just wrapped them in a drop cloth and hope they're fine.

All the stuff sitting around on counter tops and plant shelves is in the cabinets. I open them s-l-o-w-l-y because they are jammed.

Small appliances went into the pantry.

Plant shelves are soooo empty at the moment, but it'll be so nice when it's pink.

Sigh........ I do think hubs will "bring dinner home" tonight! ;-)

WHAT A MESS!!!!!!!

To be continued.................