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Monday, November 29, 2010

Just My Thoughts

For eye candy, our little angel face for Thanksgiving in her blessing dress she wore in August. What could be more eye candy than a sweet baby? Forgive me, I'm biased! :-)

Her mummy is behind her nibbling on her heels to make her smile in this one.

I could be organizing my craft room and getting rid of some of the fabric in there, which I started several days ago. I could be sitting in the family reading a book, which I love doing and have read between 25 or 30 these past 8 or 9 weeks. I could be folding a batch of clothing I washed today and have 3 more to do tonight. I could be painting the holes in the kitchen wall where we finally got the cabinet put up after taking it down and relocating it the 2nd time. But I'm not doing any of those things. I'm blogging.

I'm been thinking and rethinking blogging recently. Since I've not blogged very much recently and had the extra time to do things, it was rather freeing. But then I realized how much I'd miss it if I didn't blog anymore.

I have been surfing a tiny bit lately but nothing like I'd been doing. I know "to each his own", but I truly do like large photos when viewing a blog. Oh, it won't stop me but I prefer the ones with larger pictures of their beautiful decorating or crafts. That's why it takes me such a long time to do a blog post: the photos. The scans of the magazine I've done recently—and there are more to come—are the best I can do with those photos but they still take a heap o' fixing, chicks. I prefer my own photos because there is less "middle man" involved in them.

Some bloggers say to turn off your flash, but every single photo I take has my flash on. I'm hesitant to tell anyone how to take photos because it isn't just one thing; it's a lot of things. Familiarization with your camera is essential also. I'm no where near perfect, but I'm well pleased with how most of them turn out. Plus I resize them with my Photoshop to 800 pixels wide for each one so they'll all be uniform. I know, I know, I'd OCD.

Hubs and I had a hunger for BLTs tonight and indulged ourselves. Of course, I had to take pictures of the process since the tomato looked beautiful, actually it look perfect in every way, which just goes to show you beauty is only skin deep because although, it was beautiful, it was not flavorful.

Put it together and what have you got: BLT! Yummy. Yikes! Yeah, I know, I forgot to photograph the bacon, but you can see a bit of it peeking out under the lettuce.

Just a bit of eye candy for you.

Birdhouse sitting on a shelf in my living room.

Roses on my living room lamps.

I just love my Canon Rebel and these closeups I get with it.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Pink Saturday 11/27/2010

Once again it's Pink Saturday and the PS group wants to share lovely pink things with you. So please visit with Beverly of How Sweet The Sound and look at all the other participants by clicking on the logo below. Thank you!


I love decorating magazines—just looking through them brings happiness to this ol' brain. It truly does! And I get such good ideas just looking at them. It doesn't have to be the exact same thing, but something in the photo may trigger my thought processes for something else. That happens all the time.

That little basket hanging on the wall under the stairs with the dried branches in it gave me the idea to put flowers in just about anything I can hang or attach to a wall. I have them all over my house.

I am not a huge fan of sunflowers, but they look elegant in those red and green buckets and the green and red plaid pillow. This photo just makes you feel good.

Pink and red and flowers and checks, some of my favorite combinations.

Another beautiful combination of yellow and blue and a scroll arm sofa with plush cushions for sitting.

The white and rose harlequin carpet is what first drew my attention to this room along with the pink chairs and that fabulous mirror.

Same home but the bedroom. Another fabulous mirror. I'd take that one in a heartbeat.

Along with this beautiful bed and its beautiful sheets and covers.

Formal style has always been a love of mine, but it doesn't suit this home of ours. I love it though, especially this little rendezvous area of the living room. Fringe on sofas is of particular interest to me. The sofa I have now I saw in the showroom with fringe on it, but when I went back to get it, they had an upholsterer take it off because the sofa wasn't selling! Idaho just doesn't get it yet! Ooooh, but I have to tell you it was truly gorgeous.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 11/25/2010

I'm most grateful this year for this little darling who chose to come to this family on earth. Her "do" is a bit frazzled today; after all, she just lies around on the floor all day. ;-) We'd trade her in for a more efficient model but we have high hopes for her and she's just so dang cute!

Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you today.

I'm thankful for a loving and kind Savior who loves me even though I fall so far short of his expectations (or maybe not, after all, He knows me better than anyone else in this world).

I'm thankful for a loving hubby who puts up with me no matter how nasty, mean, crazy, loudmouthed, obnoxious or unreasonable I get.

I'm grateful for my daughter and my son and grandchildren and for Miss Caroline who came to us fresh from Heaven this year. (She is getting more hair!)

I'm grateful for the health and stamina I DO have, especially when hubby told me recently—after complaining about my leg—to go sit down and count my blessings. What a man!

I'm grateful that I have a warm and cozy home and all the accoutrements it has inside like toilets, chairs, coconut pineapple cake(!), fridge, stove, bathtub which many in this world do not have.

I'm grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and what it means to each and every single person on this earth, even if they don't know it yet or choose to disbelieve it.

I'm grateful for 2 cars in my garage because I can remember not having ANY car and having to grocery shop with 2 babies in a stroller and a mile walk to the nearest grocery store.

I'm grateful there are brave young men and women who give up the comforts of home and family to go overseas and fight a war that keeps us safe from harm. I love these people, but especially the ones who never came back and the sacrifice their spouses and children made for their country. That is the ultimate sacrifice.

I'm grateful for the food we have knowing full well that other people in other countries aren't as blessed as we are. The U.S. is truly a very blessed nation and God willing will continue to be so.

Just a few things for eye candy and what I may be working on at the moment.

I hope your holiday is wonderful!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Musings on A Wintery Snowy Day

First of all, thank you all for your kind wishes for a speedy recovery and for ANY recovery at all. It is much appreciated—AND needed—along with prayers.

I'd like to catch all of you up on just what's been going on with me. It's been a rough 3 months but I'm finally feeling some relief. Two weeks ago in church I walked in and sat down in our usual spot—5th pew back from the front. My visiting teacher was behind me and leaned forward and asked me how I was doing. That did it! I started bawling and couldn't stop. I was totally embarrassed and realized later I should have just gotten up and gone home at that point. It just all came crashing down at that point. I was feeling lonely, depressed, unloved and much more, plus my makeup and mascara were totally gone. I can't even imagine what the men sitting up on the podium must have been thinking, but then men don't express their feelings as women do, so they probably had no idea how in bad a shape I was in.

I take a very mild dose of an anti-depressant, actually 1/2 a pill, and have for about 10 years. It was at that point I realized I needed to up it to the full pill and yes, that has helped. I'm a very, very active participant in my health care along with my incredible doctor. She listens to me and I listen to her. She agrees with me because she knows me to be a very strong, intelligent and capable women. I love her for that.

Now, besides the pulled hamstring and groin and probably from stress, I got a sore on the left side of my mouth. It hurt so badly I couldn't open my mouth or talk very well. The doctor and I tried 3 different things on it but nothing would help. Finally she suggested—as a last resort before sending me to a dermatologist—a hydrocortizone cream and that has worked. See below what I've been dealing with and I'm NUTS for putting up such a closeup of this old face. It looks much worse in this closeup. But let me tell you it HURT! The cream has cured that and I'm back to my lovely self. ;-)

Am I now sounding pathetic and depressed for myself? Yes, I am, but I deserve to feel that for what I've been through. I'm fine now or will be soon. Do not feel sorry for me; I do a great job of it all by myself and don't need any help, thank you!

Now for the 2nd part. I've been comfort fooding! You're probably wondering how I could do that with my mouth hurting so much and barely able to open my mouth. I adjusted; food never stops us, right?! Yep, isn't that what happens when we all have stress? So, I'm doing something about it. Hubs and I visited our local sports store and bought this equipment for me to start using for ALL my muscles. It looks simple, easy, inexpensive and doable. I got a 3 pound weight, a set of ankle weights for the legs and these cables. Easy to do. Hardly any room needed to do the exercises so I'm starting that to get these old muscles in shape. (Uuuuh, I may still have a melt down or two, depending on how hard it is to get hubby to take me out more often for eating.)

And that's the end of the whine...for today anyway.


It's snowed the last couple of days and I've pretty much stayed in the house. I don't do well driving in snow since I've pretty much lived in warm climes before moving to Idaho. I absolutely love cold weather though, snuggling down with a cup of hot chocolate and some warm pumpkin bread. I made some last night, which brings me to a musing: Why do some people answer a question with a question or a "yes or no" question with no direct yes or no? Last night I asked hubby if he wanted me to slice him a piece of pumpkin bread for his lunch tomorrow. He said, "That would be nice." He always does this. Rarely ever a YES or NO. After 49 1/2 years of marriage I still don't understand it. Could it be his Marine training?

While out snapping the photos for this post I noticed the tinkle of water in the spout. I guess the bit of snow on our roof is melting fast. Loved catching the drips in progress.

Also while out there I listened to the tinkling of the wind chime and when I looked down I noticed one of its pipes laying in the grass at the edge of the patio. I'm going to have to re-thread the wind chime I think. Also I noticed the little flower trying to survive among the sheltering dead grass. How we all cling to life when it's our time to go!

And finally some eye candy of beautiful cups I have. We don't have many because we don't drink coffee or tea, usually just hot chocolate or an herb tea. But I love having them around just for their beauty.

While swiffering the kitchen today, I stepped on a tiny pebble or something. Why is it when you do that and try to find it you can't find it again to pick it up? Nope, I never did find it, just swiffered over the small area again hoping it caught in the swiffer pad.

To understand the grandeur of simple things, one must humble oneself.

You must do the thing you think you cannot do. Okay, I know I can fly on an airplane, but I choose to NOT fly on airplanes anymore. I flew for my company when I worked but when retiring I swore I would never fly again. So far, I've kept that commitment.

I read this some weeks ago on the internet and was simply astounded of the arrogance and ignorance of this man. He is a brilliant theoretical physicist, which just goes to show you that even the smartest people are brain-dead. If you are religious at all, you have to believe God gave us this wonderful world. I never question my God.
Stephen Hawking declares God did not make universe.

While visiting with my doctor the other day, she mentioned she was having a jewelry party. I almost thought she was going to invite me. Mixed emotions: thinking someone you like will invite you to the jewelry/tupperware/candle party! I hastily changed the subject and departed.

I also read a piece about Drew Barrymore cooing and gushing over visiting a third world country and going poo in the words. In her words, she thought it was just the best thing that could have ever happened, so freeing, so environmental. Miss Barrymore, what in the world is freeing and environmental about your poo sitting out there for someone to step in?! Hmmmm??? Give me a toilet! Please!! It seems to me she's standing on the corner of Ignorance and Bliss with no clue.

More in a few days. If I sit too long, I'll have to do more exercise. Heaven forbid!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pink Saturday 11/20/2010

Happy Pink Saturday. Go visit the participants and be delighted with all the pinkness your heart can bear!


I'm healing nicely from the fall/flip I took at the end of August and am through with the physical therapy. Well, not really through exercising, but insurance would only pay for 8 weeks so hubby and I spent the afternoon shopping at the local sports store, and I picked up a couple of things to help me PT here at home.

And speaking of home, I want to show you some of my absolute favorite rooms. These are rooms I love and will love until the day I die.

I love French and English elements in decorating, but I love shabby romantic roses mostly. Throw in a bit of French and I'm in heaven. I like this living room.

I was into country about 25 years ago, but not so much now. But this living room is one I could live it. It's very romantic with the roses sofa and y'all know my favorite color combination is red/pink and yellow. That sofa is my sofa, just with different fabric.

This bedroom just appeals to me also even though it has elements of country. It's still very much romantic and kind of shabby.

Another one of my favorites. Any shade of red appeals to my senses like no other color.

Oh, squeal, squeal, squeeeeeeeeal!!! I love this bedroom also.

But THIS is my all time favorite living room. When I saw this in the Ethan Allen magazine about 17 years ago, my heart did flip flops. If I could achieve this look, I know I'd be in heaven. I cannot tell you how much I love and adore this room. To me it is just warm, snugly, homey and comfortable.

This is the dining room that goes with the above living room. Do you see what I mean? Is it not gorgeous? Oooh, how I love to look at these pictures and dream about being in that living room and dining room

Lastly, I've had this fabric for several years and have never used it. I've given up making pillows to sell so if anyone is interested in it, it's on eBay and it's 2 full yards at a very good price. I love it but I know I'll never use it or make anything with it. So with the Christmas season coming up, I thought I'd let you know in case you're interested. Here is the URL for it:

Be of good cheer, my chicks. I think I'll be trying to post more very soon. I've missed not surfing the blogs and I haven't because I know once I get started, I'll not be able to move my backside from this chair and that is NOT a GOOD thing!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Food Storage and 72 Hour Kits

First of all, a bit of eye candy for you. I've promised you beautiful things on this blog along with useful things also, but you'll pretty much see eye candy no matter what.

The vases I finished recently are now stuffed with some coffee filter roses I've made.

Little faux cupcakes that grace my living room end table.

Right after Easter this year hubby and I went to the stores and bought up a bunch of marked down candy for emergencies. (Yes, this is a boring subject today but one that definitely needs to be addressed.) We vacuum sealed some candy and thought we'd open it after several months to see how it survived. This past week we opened up our Milk Duds.

This is how they looked when I cut the sealed bag. Hubs said to throw it out. I beg to differ, man!!! Throw out chocolate? Is the man nuts?! Never. I peeled the cardboard box off it and broke it into tiny pieces and ate it. While it doesn't look quite appetizing, I can assure you it was delish—hard but delish. It softened up after sucking on it for a few seconds and then it was just fine.

Hubby and I recently went through our 72 hour kits for emergencies. We do this periodically and it's a good thing. Listen up. You can do this. You need to do this. Remember Haiti, New Orleans and other areas hit by natural disasters? Those people could have survived if they had some food and water. Besides, our church leaders tell us to do it, and I'm obedient in as many things as I can possibly be because I'm pathetic is so many other ways.

Hubs and I started with backpacks and put them on luggage carriers in case I couldn't carry it on my back any longer. Easy peasy.

Then we added extra undergarments, shoes (good thing I checked it because I could no longer get my feet in the shoes in my pack after all the surgery 2 years ago), towel, washcloth, dry packed food, change of clothing, which can be just any old thing you want to put in since it'll be an emergency and the fashion police won't care. I hate MREs so we opted to buy Mountain House at WM and will now buy some that is even better called Dri-Lite from a local sporting goods store. We got 3 dinners but just put oatmeal, cereal and pancake mix in the backpack for breakfasts and snack type things for lunches. See the blue bag in the bottom right. Never hurts to have a few of those in there. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! Pair of wool socks and gloves in case the disaster is in the winter time.

Hubs tent and plastic ware for eating and his little mess kit that contains cooking pot, plate and cup.

A ziplock bag can hold soap, toothbrush, shampoo and conditioner, comb and brush and any meds you might need. Rotate them for expiration dates.

I have a whole roll of toilet paper squished and put in a side pocket. You'll be very surprised how much you can get in a backpack. A coat need not go in there because in the summer you wouldn't need it especially, and if it's in the winter time, you'll be wearing it on your back. ;-)

A plastic bandaid can will hold an entire infirmary in it if packed right—bandaids, neosporin, pins and needles, lip balm.

I love having a whistle just in case we might get separated. Plus a length of cord can save a life. Side bar here:

Once with hubby was taking a scout troop for snow camping they came upon a pretty sheer cliff of snow and ice. Hubs is a large man—6"2' and about 200 pounds and the strongest man I've ever met. One of the other adults went across with the rope while hubs stayed on the starting side to sort of belay his across the chasm. Then the boys would have an adult at both ends to hold onto the rope while the boys were secured to it. A ways across this 300 ft. drop a boy slipped and started sliding. (He was an only child and very protected by his parents and I hate to think what would happen if he got injured or fell to his death on this trip. Anyway, hubs kept telling him to be careful but he got a bit cocky and started sliding. Hubs, in his best USMC drill sergeant voice told him to stop and grab the rope tighter to not slide so much. He listened and did what hubs told him but he was shaking badly when the guy on the other end got hold of him. He was sliding pretty fast and good on that rock covered with snow and ice. My man is a hero and I never doubt that he could save me from just about anything. But a rope can be used to throw to someone who might have fallen over a cliff or into a river.

Flashlight, my utensils and a foil blanket for warmth that packs down very small.

Lots of sweets and cocoa and herb tea. If you in a stressful situation there is nothing like sweet candy to help with the stress. And it's the best stuff for bartering you've ever seen. Have lots of it. During WWII cooking oil was the most precious commodity for trading. If you had sugar, candy or oil you could trade it for anything.

Hubby's jacket and the water filtration system. Easy and small to have. You don't want to get sick on the water if there is a major catastrophe. Light that goes around his head so he can help with hands free in the dark.

This is the back end of our garage where we have a 250 gallon water storage tank. I never worry about anyone stealing it because water weighs 8.3 lbs per gallon so that tank weight 2,075 full of water. And it's house water to drink. We got the tank from a man in our church who made them for about $180 each. Well worth it if a catastrophe hits. And there have been many lately.

Now, within the next couple of weeks I'm going to talk about food storage. We have a years supply of food and all the essentials. You can learn how and do it surprisingly quickly and easy. Here we had all our canned fruits, vegetables, pastas, peanut butter, nuts, ketchups, sauces, salt, pepper, spices, packaged dinners, cake mixes and frostings, vinegar, oils, canned meat, vacuum dried nuts, jerky, mayonnaise, mustard, candy, cereals, pancake mix, etc.

As you can see, I had a virtual grocery store in my basement. That was our former house and we have less than half the square footage here in our house now than this one—the former one. It's a bit tighter and we have to be more creative but it can definitely be done. The five gallon tubs contained dried carrots, dried onions, sugar, dried potatoes and dried beans. This was just part of it, the largest part, but there was more upstairs and meat in 2 of our freezers.

Here we kept toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, fabric softener, bleach, soap, toothpaste, lamp oil for oil lamps when electricity would be shut off.

So later on I'll tell you how to start your food storage. In reading an article this past week on food, there is no doubt it's going to climb in price and there are already shortages on some things. As Mormons we've been told to be prepared for these kinds of circumstances. Please, please listen and get some essentials for your home for the coming days. I doubt very seriously that you'll regret it but if it's not there, you'll regret not having it.