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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cottage Picture

I had to run out today for something and stopped in at a store and look what I found! Squeeeeeeal......I love it. A true cottage picture and it was 50% off so I love it even more. Won't Love Bunny be proud that I saved him 50%?!?! I'm not telling him till he gets back from Orlando friday night. Surpriiiiisssseee! It's going behind the sofa in the family room. I don't need to shop for any more pictures. I have a "store load" of them sitting on the floor, side tables and cocktail tables in there. If I had anybody living close to me that loved shabby, chic, romantic, cottage or roses I'd give it to them! Not many people in Idaho have the taste for that yet, but they will, they will! ;-)

Then I wanted to craft something with hubs being away and all this time to myself. I haven't done that for a long time and I have a lot of "alone" time this week. Feeling a bit lonely when the person you've spent the last 47 years with is gone. Not many young people want to associate with the older chicks anymore and that's sad. It happens. (Shrug!) But I've thought a lot about that lately when something happened to bring it to the forefront. It's kind of sad actually because we can teach them so much. I'm old but I'm not incapacitated, ya know! I've got a lot of things I could teach the younger moms, but they always seem to want to hang out with their ilk and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. We older ladies just kind of sit in church with all these memories and skills and no one who wants to learn them. (Hey, I was the highest paid woman in a large Fortune 500 company, ya know; I ain't dull by any stretch of the imagination! And that company was in the top 60 of the 500. So I have more than "housewife" skills!!!) :-) This may sound a bit morose, but I didn't mean to sound that way. Just reminiscing. I have such an active brain that it's never ever idle of ideas and "energy" to do something. Maybe I need a protegé! Hah.

So this is what I've come up with. All pink and girly. I wonder who will be the recipient of this gorgeous little roses frou-frou "cake"??? Hmmmmmm???? ;-)