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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Love Bunny is Such a Funny Man

I'm married to a very funny man. Well, he thinks he's funny. No, really, he is funny but in a droll sort of way.

We're Apple Mac people and he just had to have an iPhone. I surprised him one day with it. He had no idea I was buying it for him.

I went to Verizon as soon as they came out last year and bought it, brought it home and stuck it in his desk drawer. Later that night I asked him for some help with something electronic—can't remember now what it was—and that should have been his first clue because he is not very computer savvy. I'm the guru in this family, after my granddaughter of course, but she's on PCs and has to ask me for things Apple Mac. Anyway, I knew he would have to look in that drawer and when he did, it didn't register at first that the iPhone was in there. When I asked him to pick it up, there was a huge smile on his face. He loves his iPhone. If I ask him what the weather is going to be, he'll quickly whip out his iPhone from his hip instead of simply looking out the window. Sigh. I think I've created a monster.

Anyway, he can't connect to the internet at Jack-in-the-box. Never! He tries it every single time we go there, which is every Monday night for their grilled chicken salad. He hasn't ever missed trying. He tries it in any store we go to—WalMart, Costco, even just driving down the street. (I drive my car and he drives his truck. I hate adjusting the seat every time he uses it, so we've made this concession.) It's driving me over the edge. He's also known for putting lists and various appointments in his iPhone; I just write my lists on a sheet of paper. Appointments and alarms are fine but his other lists drive me bonkers as he'll whip out the iPhone if I just mention something and enter it on his iPhone. He's always referring to a list.

So the other night I was driving us home—so he could play with his iPhone—and told him, with a wink and a rather sexy look that tonight might be a good night for him. He looked over at me and said, "Should I put that in my iPhone?" I just had to laugh. He's such a kidder!

Lately, I'm seeing these a lot as I drive down streets.


Now, THIS is color!!!

Cute little pup whiling away his hours dreaming of being outside.

Can you believe this statement in the news lately?:
Before the summit, the government of President Juan Manuel Santos asked the city health department for an action plan outlining disease prevention efforts with prostitutes ahead of the gathering of 30 hemispheric leaders.

Can't the officials of governments control their lusts for a few days? Disgusting that it even has to be considered, much less reported in the news! Where have the morals of people gone?
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